10 Best Tips From the Personal Trainer Who Has Lost 70 Kg Weight


Joe Bernstein who lose 70 kg weight, a personal trainer, his weight was 154 kg when he was only 25. His influence did not get reduced with diet. He developed some simple habits to get rid of excess weight into his routine life. With these simple habits, he got positive changes in his weight. He feels better now with his addictions. Nowadays, he helps others to adopt that simple habits in their lives to get a healthier lifestyle.

You will get to know some rules regarding your life in the article which can provide you a healthy life.

See how Joe looked before. And see the amazing results that he achieved after adopting simple habits.

10 best tips from Joe Bernstein who lose 70 kg weight

Stop drinking calories

You should avoid drinking some liquids like sweet tea, juices, and soda. Avoiding these liquids is better for your health. If you avoid these and make it your habit, you can lose 22 kg weight in three months. By drinking these liquids, we approx. Drink about 2,000 calories in a day.

Forget about ready-made lunches.

Ready-Made lunches are unhealthy. You have to avoid these ready-made business lunches and make it your habit to take your meal from home to work.

Spend less time on the road

If you spend most of the time in the cars on the road, it wastes your precious time. Instead of using the vehicles, make it your habit to ride on a bicycle for anywhere you want to go. Cycling not only saves your time from the traffic but also preserves your nerves. The time that you keep from standing in the traffic can spend on workouts and healthy cooking.

Learn to cook delicious foods

Find happiness while cooking delicious dishes. You can learn the recipes for cooking from the internet, cooking classes, and cooking shows on the television. It will help you to prepare delicious foods, and you will take the path of a chef.

Understand the value of natural food

Natural foods have all the essential minerals and nutrients for your body. You have to make it your habit to choose the local and fresh food items that can recover your taste buds and will also help you to lose your body weight.

Get a dog

You can increase your metabolism by doing an active morning walk with your loyal friend, dog. The morning walk also improves your brain activity. It is not essential that you have to get a dog. The phrase only means that the dog will become the reason to go for a morning walk.

Buy organic food

Make it your habit to buy higher quality food items. It does not mean that you have to buy “GMO” free or organic food products. Choose more top quality products. You may get these food items at a high price, but your budget will go back to normal as you will not buy the readymade food items.

Give preference to the quality of meat.

In place of eating non-veg, make your habit to include more vegetarian products in your diet. You should eat more fruits, nuts, vegetables. Seeds, legumes, and crops. If you are non-vegetarian, then eat the high quality of meat.

Leave your relationship that weight you down.

Joe built a new life for him after breaking up with his ex-wife. His life got changed completely. He became healthy and conscious. To become healthy or right in your life, it is not essential to behave wholly. Every relationship has a high time to get end up.

Get change for both physically and mentally.

To keep your weight healthy, it is essential for you to eat right and do more exercises. It will not let the weight to come back. All that matters that what is going inside your head and mind. The moment when you realize the difference in you and figure of your body, issues of everything from the beginning when you started adopting the simple habits until you see the new changes in your life. Everything keeps going in your mind. Soon you will get the best results from these habits.