7 Every Day Products Without Purpose


Items with hidden features-There are the most ordinary things in our homes which usually have hidden features in them, but we do not know about their hidden features. Some things in our homes get specially designed in such a way that they have a specific purpose. You can even get surprised with a regular t-shirt you wear and a microwave oven.

We have listed down such things that you use every day for you to tell you their specific features.

A hole on a lid

7 Items with hidden features

You will see a little hole on the lid of a coffee cup if you see it from very close — these holes on the lid act as insulators for the heat from the drinks. The hot steam gets collected in the cups and that need to come out so that it can not dislodge the lid.

There are also small balloons on the lid. These bubbles also have some purpose. These balloon-type buttons on the cup help the workers to understand what is there inside the cups. There is a name of the drinks written near each button. When you push the button, the name of the drink appears on the upside.

The magnetic locks on the fuel hoses at the gas station

Sometimes it happens with the drivers that they forget about the hose and they drive it away with the nozzle in the car. As a result of it, gas stations face some losses. Magnetic nozzles have created to prevent the damage of the dispenser and to prevent the fuel from leaking. The fuel marketer can reattach the breakaway device after the incident takes place, and he gets back in his operation as soon as possible.

Bubble baths

Bubbles in the bathtub are also useful as they seem to be nice. These bubbles act as a heat insulator. If there are no bubbles in hot water the,n it will cool down faster. Mostly this only happens with the modern acrylic bathtubs.

A detachable vehicle headrest

The headrest in the cars helps to stop the backward movement of your head when you met with an accident or at the time of hard brakes. In addition to the seatbelts and the airbags, this device saves us. This device also has some hidden function.

You can get out of the car with the help of headrest if you find yourself get locked in the car. At such time, you only have to take a headrest off and push one peg from it and attach it down into space where the window retracts. Now jam it down there a few inches and pull it towards you.

A square spoon is one of the items with hidden features

You may have many questions regarding the shape of ice cream spoons of McDonald’s. These spoons are square and also have hooks on them. We have found that it gets designed in such a shape, not for the clients’ convenience.

Container handles

The big containers have three handles on them. To discuss it we will go nighty years back in the past. German engineers have designed these canisters for military use. There was a rule in the military that a soldier could carry four empty or two full containers and two soldiers could move one heavy container.  These containers have three handles on them to distribute the weight evenly.

A black film that is covering the microwave door

There is a black film on each microwave door. This black film is significant. This black film is called a Faraday cage which acts as a shield. This shield is an enclosure which is used to block the electromagnetic fields.

In the above picture, you can see that the people get locked in a Faraday cage. There is a powerful electric charge which gets a strike from the outside to this cage, but it does not harm the people inside it. This charge can not get inside this cage. In the same way, the microwave shield works. The electromagnetic radiation from the microwave cannot get out from it.