Kissing tips-When we love and care for somebody and get too attached to them, we often plan to kiss them be it our children, parents, couple or anyone. However. our ancestors were correct in saying, “kissing  is an art.”

When you kiss somebody, it is an expression of love which resides in your heart for the person you are kissing. But, there can be kissing blunders which can form a bad impression of the people in front of you and can be deeply embarrassing for both the individuals.

Best Kissing tips

Best Kissing tips

Here are 10 kissing illustrations which will give you an idea what ideal kisses are not like. 


1. The Cactus KissÂ

Every time your partner wants to show you love and is badly shaved for the day with spiky moustaches, it’s almost like kissing a cactus trying to pierce your face. Well, stop your partner immediately in such a situation.


2. The Sandpaper Kiss

There are people with rough lips and then come people who haven’t applied any smoothing-cream on their lips for decades and it’s equivalent to kissing a sandpaper and getting your lips scratched like anything. In such a case, your partner doesn’t need a kiss, rather needs a vaseline. 

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3. The Slurpy Kiss

Next comes the people who kiss with more water then love in their mouth. Just like a dog licks its master after a long time, so does this kiss looks like.  BEWARE! WATER INSIDE.