Dress For Your Body Shape


Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” -Coco Chanel

Dress according to your body shape-We all have watched runway models on fashion shows and envied them for their beauty. How elegantly they walk and how gracefully they carry what they wear, even if its an absurd looking headgear.

Some of us might have even spent a fortune on those exact same dresses only to end up looking like a clown after actually wearing it. Ever wondered what’s the secret behind these models looking so stunning in everything they wear? Well here’s the answer.

Each and every look of a model is stitched up to perfection by fashion designers. These designers create dresses specifically for each model, keeping in mind their size and body shape. So there it is! You know the secret now and guess what? You too can use this to look impeccably well dressed. We are here to help you understand your body type and then choose a dress accordingly.

Dress according to your body shape

1. Pear:

Dress according to your body shape

A pear-shaped body is characterised by a heavier bottom and slimmer top. If you have narrow shoulders but a voluminous waist with well-defined hips, you should wear clothes that accentuate your curves near the waist. A-line skirts and dresses are just the perfect kind of outfits to do this job.

You would also want to have a balanced silhouette which can be easily achieved by adding volume to your upper body. Buy some shrugs and blazers to layer your upper body. Make sure the blazers end right near the hips. Wearing ruffled or V cut necklines and high necked tops will add definition to your neck and collar bones. High waisted jeans are another way of enhancing your upper body.  Wearing loose-fitting clothes, on the other hand, will conceal the beauty of your curvaceous body, which should be avoided at all times.

2. Apple;

This body shape is the counterpart of the pear-shaped body. If you are broader at the top but slimmer near the hip area, you have an apple shaped body. Ladies with an apple shaped body are gifted with bigger and rounder breasts and pretty legs.

Make skinny jeans a part of your signature style, to flaunt those beautiful legs you have. Wear empire cut tops and dresses. If you want to wear skirts and dresses make sure they are A lined and knee length. Doing this will again accentuate your legs and create an illusion of a longer torso.

Structured dresses like empire cut dresses will hide the extra weight of your upper body. V neck tops with skinny jeans should be your go-to outfit for any day. Avoid structureless outfits. High waisted jeans are a big no for your body shape.

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