The must-try makeup hacks!!


Best makeup hacks-Makeup doubles up the beauty of women if it is done in the right manner. The correct shade and colors can transform your look completely. Though makeup doesn’t last long, we are bringing you some hacks that will surely help you in doing makeup in a better manner.

Best makeup hacksBest makeup hacks

1. For well-defined lips, apply lipstick with the help of a concealer brush.

2. Heat up your lash curler using a blow dryer to make the curl last longer.

3. Make use of a spoon to cover your eyelids while applying mascara.

4. Use a white eyeliner as the base of your eyeshadow. Apply the eyeliner before applying your eyeshadow.

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5. Dab some translucent powder over your lips by keeping a tissue paper over them after you’re done applying the lipstick. This will make it last longer.

6. To convert your pencil eyeliner into a gel one, just keep it against the flame for 10 seconds. There you go!

7. For thicker lashes, apply some mascara, dab some translucent powder over your lashes and then apply mascara again.

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8. For smokey eyes,  Make a Hash sign on the corner of the eyelids and then smudge it.

9. To avoid getting lipstick onto your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and then pull it out as shown in the picture.

10. Fix your eyeliner mistakes with the help of a concealer.

11. Comb your eyebrows to get a well-defined arch.

12. To enable your makeup to last longer, use some spray on your face, after you’re done with your makeup.

13. To remove the dead skin from your lips, use a toothbrush.

14. For a long-lasting makeup, use the foundation first and then the concealer.

15. If you’re using false lashes, Use a bobby pin to separate the glue along its base. Wait for the glue to get tacky and then apply.

16. To fix your dried mascara, use a few drops of saline solution to it.