15 People who are probably having a worse day than you.


People who are having a worse day-If you’re having a bad day, remember that you’re not alone. In our day to day lives, we meet people who are having their good and bad days. But, when we ourselves have our bad days, we feel that things can’t get any worse. This, however, is wrong! There is always somebody having a worse day than you.

Following are the examples of few of those people who just can’t do anything right in their lives.

People who are having a worse day

1.This t-shirt is one of a kind!

People who are having a worse day

You should always apologize for your bad behavior. But, most of all, you should not behave badly in the first place.

2.Thug life.

Can your life get worse than his life?


4. This completely ridiculous game.

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We no longer love this game of ‘we can’t see you, you can’t see us’ after seeing this.

5. Is she trying to make a fashion statement?

Are security tags some sort of fashion accessories?? Because I don’t know of that.

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6. Tattoo gone wrong.

Some people think for ages before getting a tattoo, while some other don’t think too much. A case of tattoo gone wrong?

7. She’s a rebel.

There sure is a fine line between a certifiable rebel and an idiot.

8. So thoughtful.

9.Okay, but that was rude.

Think before you speak and comment.

10. Someone call 911 for this idiot.

At least respect your elders.

11. That is too complicated.

12. Yeah, sure. She does.

And that’s why she’s smoking.

13. The sooner you realize, the better.

The sooner you realize your mistake, the better it will be for you.


15. Respect your elders.

So,  Apparently, you’ll not age if your drink plenty of milk.