Best retro games: the best classic video games around

Gaming is an industry that is forever growing at a crazy rate and is on track to become one of the biggest technology industries in the world in the coming years. However, the gaming scene wouldn’t be what it is today without the classics that formed the industry in the first place, and this was done by the retro gaming series that was the catalyst for the industry, so we thought we’d look at some of the best retro gaming series of all time below.

Of course, the game that comes into thought first when it comes to gaming series that formed the whole industry is that of the Super Mario Brothers and co. Nintendo was the creators of the series and is one of the only retro series that is still popular in today’s day and age starting out as a side-scrolling game and now turning into multiple different multi-platform games that many of us are still enjoying today. Super Mario will always be the game in which got us all to fall in love with the gaming industry in the first place.

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Another series that proved to be popular from the retro days is Sonic The Hedgehog and also seemed to create similar success to Super Mario Brothers. This series was brought to us by Sega and brought the speedy merchant proved to be a worthy rival of the Mario brothers due to the spectacular gameplay that it offered including spectacular loops, corkscrews, and clever tricks within the game that enticed a whole host of new gaming fanatics to the retro scene.

And finally, a game that hasn’t quite moved into the 21st century of gaming but still had a super impact on the retro gaming community when it was first released was that of Pacman which shaped the industry forever. Pacman was the 2D, high score game in which you had to avoid the monsters to last as long as possible to get the best score in comparison to your friends. However, you can still purchase retro gaming machines to play this platform on now. Did you know what the high score for Pacman is ever?