Best to worst girlfriend based on zodiac sign-A girl can be can possess different behavior and certain characteristics as a girlfriend. Not all of them are ideal ones. Some of them prove themselves as the worst girlfriend due to several reasons. The main logic is their zodiac sign. Their sign is the major controller behind their behavior. The essential thing is that they can be ranked on the basis of their zodiac sign which proves their efficiency as a girlfriend. Check out what rank do you hold as a girlfriend with the help of your zodiac sign-

Rank 12- Scorpio
Dating a scorpion girl can be the toughest job for a man as the girls with this zodiac sign are worst as girlfriends. She is the one who always speaks the truth and maybe harsh in some situations due to which she doesn’t know how to handle any situation. She is straightforward having no control over her language. These girls will love hard but can’t avoid creating mistakes. Just take your relationship in a positive manner and accept the real her.

Best to worst girlfriend based on zodiac sign
Rank 11- Virgo
This girl is self-conscious regarding her relationship. In fact, she is the one who has put all her efforts to maintain her relationship but she still feels that her efforts are not enough to satisfy you. You might find her behaving strangely sometimes and has to explain to her that she is the perfect match for you. She thinks her imperfect and maybe jealous easily. Her insecurities kill her and you always have to explain to her that she is different and everything is right.

Best to worst girlfriend based on zodiac sign
Rank 10- Aries
She possesses unstable thoughts in her mind due to which she switches her decisions immediately. She is the one who rushes up everything. It can be both advantageous and harmful on both sides. She is a dominating character who always tries to dominate you in your personal life. She may change and destroy this relationship due to her impulsive personality.

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Best to worst girlfriend based on zodiac sign