Safest Way To Dye Your Eyebrows Naturally Using Henna


Best way to dye your eyebrows naturally using henna-Thick and fuller Eyebrows add to the beauty of your face. Many people wish to have fuller eyebrows. While some others wish to hide their grey eyebrows. We have the solution for all your problems. That solution is simply henna! Yes, you can dye your eyebrows using henna and get rid of all your eyebrow related problems.

Don’t know the correct way to use it? Worry no more! We are going to show you how to use henna to dye your eyebrows and get them on fleek!

Best way to dye your eyebrows naturally using henna

Required ingredients:

Best way to dye your eyebrows naturally using henna

• Henna powder – 1 tablespoon (body art quality is preferred)

• Water – as required

• A pair of plastic gloves

• A little shea butter just to keep the kitchen wraps stuck to the skin

• Organic Indian gooseberry (amla) powder – 1 tablespoon

• Fresh lemon juice – 1 teaspoon

• A small glass mixing bowl

• A plastic spoon

• A mascara brush / a simple Q-Tip

• Two small pieces (each can be of 3″x1.5″) of kitchen wrap


Start by putting on your gloves. Add henna powder and organic amla powder in a bowl.Add in some water and a few drops of lemon juice so as to obtain a thick consistency. Combine well and make sure that there are no lumps or air bubbles left!

Cover it and keep it for a whole night!

To get the most out of it, keep this mixture covered for an entire night. This will help all the ingredients to mix well so that you get a darker shade. Make sure to keep it at room temperature only.

Procedure to apply:

You need to first make sure that your eyebrows are clean. Wash your face with mild face wash, focusing more on your brows, or, simply wipe them using wet tissues. with for your eyebrows to dry completely. Now apply shea butter on the area around your brows. Make sure to not apply it on your brows. You can brush your brows inward with an eyebrow brush to avoid getting it onto your brows.


Apply henna.

Apply the henna paste on your brows and cover the area with foil. Gently place two pieces of foil on the upper and inner side of brows. Make sure to stick them properly without any air bubble.

Rinsing it off!

Remove the pieces of foil and rinse your eyebrows with cold water. Apply some shea butter after you’re done.

Here you go! Next time someone asks you how are your eyebrows always on fleek, don’t forget to share this remedy with them!

Video tutorial: