best ways to send money internationally

There are a lot of options when it comes to sending money abroad and knowing which choice is the best can be tricky. Various services offer different benefits and, depending on what you need from your transfer, you may want to choose one service over another. Here are a few of the best ways to send money internationally that you should consider next time you need to make a transfer.

Your Personal Bank

A bank is usually everyone first thought when it comes to sending money internationally. Banks are a very safe and secure way to send any amount of money abroad. If you already have an active bank account, it is also quite easy to send money internationally using your bank. The money will be sent quickly, and you can rest assured that your transfer is protected- banks are a trustworthy way to send cash! You can easily compare different banks online, and calculate exactly how much your money is worth using the Westpac currency converter before you make your transfer.

Western Union

Western Union is one of the oldest and most reliable money transfer services. There are many storefronts around the world where you can send cash abroad which means there is no need to set up an account or give out any of your personal information. In addition, the recipient can pick up cash on their end too. Western Union is secure and has been trusted for decades. Transfers can be slow, sometimes taking several days to get your money overseas.


PayPal can help you get your money around the world quite quickly. Anyone can open a free PayPal account online in a matter of minutes and start sending or receiving money right away. PayPal charges a percentage fee on each transfer so the more you spend, the more money you will pay making it a good option for sending smaller amounts of cash. Everything sent through PayPal will be digital which means you need to link your bank account or credit card which the recipient of the money will need to do as well. There is no cash pick up option when using PayPal.


OFX is a global money transfer service that charges no fees on money transfers. Instead, the company raises the exchange rate slightly higher than the standard rate and takes a percentage from that part of the transaction. OFX can easily be used online and has no maximum or minimum transfer restrictions. You can opt to use same-day service and get your money to the recipient within a business day. There is also 24-hour customer support that you can contact if you have any questions about your transfer.

Peer to Peer

There are now lots of peer to peer money sending apps that you can use, sending cash directly to your recipient. Venmo is the most popular which sends cash from your bank account immediately. The exchange rate may be slightly higher when you use one of these apps which means you should only use them to send small amounts of cash. They are fast and convenient!