If it’s not a wedding dress, then what is it?


The cake which looks like a beautiful wedding dress-For any bride-to-be, choosing an appropriate wedding dress is a pressing concern. Each bride looks out for a dress that matches her taste and captures her style. What is one more important decision that couples make? Yes, it’s the wedding cake. This had to be beautifully handcrafted and pleasing to look at, more like a symbol of their bonding on the big day. One has to be pleased looking at it.

Look at the cake which looks like a beautiful wedding dress will blow your mind

cake which looks like a beautiful wedding dress

Getting the right wedding dress is probably one of the most pressing concerns for any bride-to-be. Everyone has a specific taste and is looking for something that captures their uniqueness. Picking a cake is also another important decision that couples make; it has to be delicious, but it has to be artfully crafted and pleasing to look at.

For finding perfect wedding attire and a cake that steals hearts, an artist was in a big fuss, indeed. Nevertheless, he decided to hit two darts with one arrow. This artist is none other than Emma Jayne Morris who designs explicit cakes for a living. Her designs are to die for. And guess what? This time, she made a cake which looks like a beautiful wedding dress.

She gained inspiration from the cake dress designed by Filipino designer Mak Tumang’s ‘Angela’. It’s normally illegal to replicate or imitate another artist’s work and sell it in the market. But she can get a pass considering that the cake would be consumed in no time and the fact that this is edible, under normal circumstances.

Love high couture fashion and have a thing for sweets? This dress was made just for you. This gown is much heavier than it seems to be. And you obviously cannot wear it. The dress is a massive 6 feet tall structure. 132 pounds of fondant was used by Morris for this creation, and around 110 of modeling paste for the beautiful flowers was used.

Morris says that she spent ten days baking this cake at her house. A group of 6 people had to move this cake out of the door. Her door was long enough for the cake to slide past it. The dress was carefully transported from her house to the grand show.

London Cake’s international is a trade show that gives talented bakers a chance to showcase their cake art, and this cake was exhibited there. Morris says, “We had to choose a wedding dress designer and bake a cake based on his work. I had to go for Mak Tumang as his designs were out of the world. They are simply beautiful.”

To Morris’ surprise, designer Mak made a guest appearance at this exhibit and also posed for a picture with the talented baker and the gown. He was taken aback by Morris’ work. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Mak Tumang was definitely pleased.

Designer Mak Tumang made a special appearance at the show and even posed for a photo with Morris and her beautiful gown. He looked pleased with Morris, and why shouldn’t he be? As they say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.