Everybody in the world has a different choice, some things we like, some we hate and some that we cannot change. Our preferences, liking and our taste, give an insight into our personality. As human beings, we tend to have different taste and our choices vary. Our character speaks about how we are ­– the way we eat, our clothing style, sot of music we love to listen and many more things that give an insight into what kind of personality you have.

Can any symbol reveal facts about our personality? Yes! It can. Specific shapes, colors or any emblem represent some of the qualities that we tend to have. For instance, there is someone who is just attracted to the black and the dark shades which represent the Goth culture and share a lot about one’s personality. In the same manner, if anybody loves to be well organized then their preferences of specific colors and shape would reflect the quality of being held and neat.

We got some different pictures for you. Let us go through those pictures and have an insight into our personality. You have to decide which image attracts you the most and while you choose the model, give equal importance to the shades used in addition to the shape. Now let us find out what your choice says about your personality and how you can work for the betterment.


Can a symbol reveal facts about your personality?

Just like its name and color, it shows that you are a cool-tempered person. Someone who is not hot-headed and is having a sorted life. The shade of blue represents water, and it reflects that love the sea the most. You are not the cold weather person but someone who loves the warm weather and sometimes hitting the beach. You are the coolest among your pals.

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Can a symbol reveal facts about your personality?

The symbol of the eye represents that you have a keen eye. They are spiritual, genuine, and compassionate and there is a possibility that they are vegetarians. You are the kind of person who can feel someone’s pain and can understand their feelings. You read books and enjoy reading an excellent piece of literature, and you are not at all studious. You are an interesting person. You like hiking, go outdoors and have tea. You have a great affection for both dogs and cats.

  1. FIERCECan a symbol reveal facts about your personality?

A straight line with a grey background indicates that you are a cool-headed person and you don’t lose your calm easily. Other than being passionate, you are a person of good taste and have a good dressing sense. You dress impeccably and have a passion for decorating your home. You are the fiercest person. You keep your calm and stay cool always. You are a cat lover. You are known for your perfect dressing style and a great sense of home décor.

  1. JOLLYCan a symbol reveal facts about your personality?

A swirly figure with a red background indicates your jolly nature. You are not the one who’d just go anywhere and just sit in a corner instead of the fun living that mixes up with everyone at the gathering. People get attracted to you smoothly because of your jolly and spontaneous nature and your adventurous spirit which is quite magnetic and attractive. You are a party animal and not the one to come home early when on a night out. You are outgoing but a little shy when it comes to meeting new people, for some time.

  1. LOGICALCan a symbol reveal facts about your personality?

Only a logical and rational person could choose this picture. A humble person and not a snob. You are the kind of person people reach for advice. Your kind nature attracts people towards you as you understand life problems and information better. You have this fear that people might find you annoying, which is not the truth. People reach out to you with their life problems. You love animals, but dogs are your priority. You do like cats, but you are more of a dog person.

  1. DEEP

The symbol indicates depth. You are a loyal person. You always stick to friends and family through thick and thin. You focus on your betterment as you struggle against who you were yesterday, which directly leads to the depth of your character. You like to spend a good time with your loved ones. You take things seriously and think from your heart. Everybody wants you because of your friendly nature. You are lively too and understand how small gestures by other people can have a significant impact on you.


Every symbol here depicted a different personality, and every person has a different choice and perception towards life. One should never forget their identity to become a better person for others or themselves. You got the unique features that make you stand out of the odds. So, what does your symbol say about your personality?