Cartoon characters that exist in the real world-There are a lot of characters of Disney that look like the ordinary people who walk in streets with us. Some of them intentionally and some unintentionally makes the things all the more hilarious. Here we have the list of fifteen real-life cartoons and Disney characters that you would not believe that they exist.

Cartoon Characters that Exist In The Real World

Elsa/ Frozen

Cartoon Characters that Exist In The Real World

We would be extremely disappointed in the brand if this click does not have a gig at the Disney world or Disney land.

Gru/ Despicable Me

We all know Gru when we see him. This guy thought that he could pull a fast one on all of us without being called out. However, we should not hide from him that he has become one of the most liked Disney Supervillains of all the times. The one thing that Where he has headed we all want to know.

Mrs Potato Head/ Toy Story

Before you jump down our throats when you all ask us, we are not responsible for this comparison. It is pretty entertaining. We have never thought to compare these both, i.e. Mrs. potato head and Nicki. It’s all funny. The image in front of us, we can not ignore it.

Minions/ Despicable Me/ Minions

No one became a friend of a villain successfully, but here we are living in 2018 and Minions from Disney stay here. Unfortunately, we have no knowledge of European soccer clubs and do not want those problems from the fans. We have also seen the riots, fights, and antics and we don’t want any part of such that.

Leela/ Futurama

The funniest thing that we have witnessed all week about Leela or Futurama showing in this picture that Teen Mom’s, Farah Abraham’s ruined lip injections side-by-side. Though yet Futurama may not be under the Disney brand as Fox and Disney work out with their paperwork, this is worth making a list.

Lili/ Lilo & Stitch

We think that Disney should revitalise the Lilo and stitch brand then should bring back the show. If we talk about it one step further and talk about the remake of live action, then we make sure no one further can take the place of this little cutie.

Merida/ Brave

From her looks, the lady appears to be on her job at Disneyland for entertaining the youth. This lady has rightly killed the character of Merida from Disney’s Brave.

Meg Griffin/ Family Guy

This character is the most forgettable character on the critically praised television series named Family Guy. If you see the lady right to Meg that walking down the street with us, you would not be able to believe that this was the real-life Meg Griffin. This cartoon character gets perfectly executed.

Hot Meg/ Family Guy

Let us know if anyone knows this young lady. There is Hot Meg from the series Family Guy. Many a time on the show Meg proved her haters wrong, and this young lady right to Hot Meg represents just that.

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Gadget Hackwrench/ Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

It looks like most of our mouse based cartoon characters of 80’s and 90’s are no longer. And these animation companies may have moved to other Zany characters. But Gadget Hackwrench from Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers will always be a shining moment for our youth.

Flash/ Zootopia

Zootopia is one of those films which the adults and children both can see. But do you think to compare Flash, the movie’s character with any human being? It’s so funny that this young lady gives same reactions like the character Flash.

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The Simpsons/ The Simpsons

It is the most long lasted animated series. The conception of the show looks scary. The yellow skin paint and the bulging eyes that are nightmare worthy.

Yubaba/ Spirited Away

The character Yubaba from a Japanese film is known as the main antagonist who lives in within the spirit world. The lady shown with the picture resembles the similarities with that character.

Ned Flanders/ The Simpsons

This 80’s porn combination of moustache and glasses will remind us of Ned from Simpsons. It is one of our favourite characters from Simpsons.

Jessica Rabbit/ Trail Mix-Up

If we said that we don’t have the crush on Jessica Rabbit in our youth, that means we would be lying to everyone. Did it matter to you that she is just an animated cartoon character and you had a crush on her? She was sexy and seductive in our minds and thoughts. So it would not matter to us that she is an animated cartoon character. Everything that we could have imagined so is the live-action version of her.

It looks amazing that our favourite cartoon characters walk amongst us from animated characters to the real life.