Check Out The List of Things That Next Generation Kids Will Never Understand


Things that new generation of kids never understand-In the last couple of decades, the life has changed a lot and rapidly evolving. The main reason behind this change coming is the innovations and enhancement in technology. Today’s youngsters do not know that what their elders did in their youth. Here we have the list of many things that the next generation of kids after the year 2000 would never understand, no matters that what you teach them about things.

Things that new generation of kids never understand

Playing Solitaire

things that new generation of kids never understand

Now, things were not as easy as looking in the back days. Currently, the games can assess at the fingertips. To play an easy an simple game, solitaire, this complex system shown in the above picture has created whenever you want to play this game.


The OHP is the most over the dependent instrument, or we can say the tool of the back days. This instrument was considered to be the coolest thing about the town, and the person was considered to be the most powerful who controlled it and was considered the innovative person in the class.

Deleting Texts

Those days are gone when you have a limited amount of memory or disk space on your mobile phones. Nowadays we have a lot of amount of memory on our mobile phones. That previous time we did not leave with the much memory or space in our mobile phones and things were not always the same. So, we deleted some messages to clear up the memory or space at most of the times.

Snake 2

The game named ‘snake 2’ was the coolest game of that days. This game proved to be an exciting way to get free from boredom. When there were not so many mobile games, we got playing this game, snake 2. It was an exciting game of the time and have only this good game on our mobile phones.

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Composing Ringtones

Ringtones were composed through random digits on the traditional mobile phones before we had smartphones, other things, and many applications that we have today. This activity was very tiring but the ringtones formed were worth effort. Take a look on the above picture on the wide array of digits which form the melody of ringtones.

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Sending Songs

Back in the days, Bluetooth was considered to be the best for sending songs across the mobile phones. The persons were supposed to be the coolest those have Bluetooth on their mobile phones. These people got respect for making good choices in their life. Nowadays a lot of applications are there for doing such activities.

Webcam Selfies

Webcam selfies were the real problem to manage. It was so hard to get the perfect look in the webcams. For taking selfies, you have to hold the camera in front of your face and showing your face in the monitor screen. So it was hard to get the perfect picture.

MSN Messenger

Is there anybody who remembers MSN messenger nowadays from back days? This messenger was readily available on the desktop online. It was the best way to hit the people online. Many memories are attached to this messenger. The online conversations on this messenger are pure gold. It brings a lot of memories back.

Logging Off MSN

Though it is the excellent messenger, its sessions were not long and continuous. It was because you need to eventually log off the messenger in between because your mom wanted to use the mobile phone to call someone. It was the biggest obstacle while using it.


It was the perfect place for downloading any song or music files. You may have used this for such long time until you realise that it downloads the files with radio version with DJ speaking in between of your audio files.


Back in the days, a lot of people started learning HTML to make their MySpace profile looks better and pleasant to the eyes which view it. In this way, more people got attracted towards your profile, and you would make more friends on this cool social networking site.

Top 8

It is the perfect way to see how things could be by seeing your name pop up in the top 8 friends of someone though you did not have continuously conversation with that person. It was a pleasant moment for us.

Top of the Pops

Top of the Pop shared a list of best music singles that were trending in the vicinity on Friday. So everyone would sit on the front of the television to see the tops of the pops every week.

Internet Explorer

Internet browser was a problem to manage, and also not many people use it anymore for exploring on the internet. I think the newer generation would not hear about the internet explorer.


In the back days, there was the check on balance and the ost you incurred for using the internet, and this was merely a perception for how long you were using the internet. But this concept has changed now. Now you do not need to check on the balance.