Cartoon mistakes you never noticed-We all have our favourite cartoon, and most of us grew up with our favourite characters and shows. For most of the 90’s kids, these animated shows are a huge part of their childhood, and their memories would not be complete without them. Unknown to our once young minds are the weird and hilarious details that we might have overlooked before. Let’s get those keen eyes open, and on the lookout for these 17 details, you may have missed from your favourite toons!

1. Tom and Jerry, Bashful at the Beach!

Every 90’s kid knows about Tom and Jerry. This classic and literal representation of a cat and mouse chase have won the hearts and laughs of many with their crazy antics. Aside from that, their comical yet straightforward design allows easy recognition, but have you ever noticed how both Tom and Jerry are always naked, except when they go to the beach? Guess they couldn’t risk a sunburn or two, huh?

Cartoon mistakes you never noticed

17 cartoon mistakes you never noticed

2. A Huff, a Puff, and a Little Picture Bluff

The Three Little Pigs is a classic children’s story about brothers who try to protect themselves from a Big Bad Wolf. Since it’s for kids, the writers tend to tone down the morbidness of the story. But not with Disney! Although not necessarily focused, if you look at the picture carefully, you’ll see a portrait of the pigs’ father, or at least, what happened to him. Poor little piggies!

3. Listen Up, Kids!

Arthur is a popular animated series based on the books written by Marc Brown about an aardvark and his animal friends. It’s funny though, how Arthur Read in the show seems to forget how to put on his headphones. Good luck listening to that, Arthur!