Six years ago, to the month, Karl Lagerfeld produced one of his most talked-about shows for his 2015 autumn collection. This Paris Show of 2015 brought a little of Vegas into France and he combines the casino with couture. In marking this wonderful show, we share with you the majesty that came with being at one of his ensembled shows and discuss how it stood out from his other jaw-dropping presentations.

Welcome to the world of Lagerfeld

If you had the chance to work with fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld in the past, it must have been a thing of pure wonder. He was a man of reserved insanity and ingeniously subtle with this attention to detail which would either be so small that you would miss it or to a scale so massive it could not be missed. One this is for sure; he will be missed to the fashion world has produced some of the greatest fashion shows of all time.

His 2015 Paris Show was all about casino couture, which came with all the usual features of a fully functioning casino. You had a room offering craps, poker, and roulette in the center of the catwalk, whilst on the outer sides of the room, you had a selection of fully working slot machines. This was not your typical fashion show and Lagerfeld made sure of it.

The venue of the Grand Palais had its most glamourous makeover and there were many notable celebrities there to support his show and even take part in some of the games.

Hollywood and Music stars included Rita Orta, Kristen Stewart, Lara Stone, Julianne Moore were in attendance with Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp and son of Daniel Day-Lewis, Gabriel Kane Day-Lewis.

He was a designer that raised the stakes

The show was all-out glamour bringing light to the event rather than something dark. The setup was accompanied by smooth music from the likes of Barry White, each model in the show wore wigs styled into tightly packed black bobs. The theme – business and this is how the catwalk was approached by them. It had it all, skirt suites, shinny dresses, you had blazers and boxy jackets. Models wore slingback heels with textural outfits and dresses. Closing this show was left to the honor of Kendal Jenner dressed as the couture bride. She wore a double-breasted coat, with slim-cut trousers, and a veil-like shawl. At the time only 19-years old and looked like she’d been modeling forever.

This was the peak, Karl Lagerfeld, right here and was a worthy contribution to his masterful work which has also seen some absolute stunners that includes the famous feminist rally catwalk show, and the one played out in a life-size fake supermarket. His sets are dynamic, realistic, classy, and reservedly over the top which is what Karl’s fashion was all about, looking good, making a statement, and being classy about it whilst bringing down an entire room with such beauty.

Fashion in casinos

The event didn’t take away from what the theme was. This was a casino, and you were not going to get a swimsuit show. What was worn on that catwalk could easily have been worn inside some of the most prestigious casinos in the world?

We spoke with the Editor-in-Chief at Norskonlinecasino, her name is Ingerlise Dalen, and took part that day. Ingerlise was a model in 2015 and now manages the content of Norskonlinecasino which provides casino content to Norwegian players. You can visit the site here to discover more about free games and bonuses.

“I was 18 at the time and signed to Team Models which is the leading agency in Norway. I was living in Germany at the time, which led me to work with Karl. He wanted me to do a show out in Paris and when Karl asks you say yes, no matter what, if it is in the Antarctic and minus 50, you still take up the opportunity and that’s what I did. When we arrived and saw it was a casino theme it struck me as funny given that at that time I was dating a guy that worked at Casino Bas Steben in Germany so it kind of felt that I was working in his work despite it not being that at all, but it was a wonderful experience that I will treasure.”

Style with everything including the risks

Karl Lagerfeld was artist-driven by immaculate perfection. He was of an age that has seen all the styles throughout the 20th Century, born in 1933 in Germany, Lagerfeld died 2019 in Paris. He was a designer, and a photographer, he was the force behind the revival of Chanel, the French fashion house that was originally founded by Coco Chanel back in the early 20th Century.

Through his many works and ventures within the fashion industry, Karl is undoubtedly still an iconic figure in the fashion world whose work will stand the test of time. This Paris Show of 2015 was one of his last, making only 5 more thereafter.

His Spring/Summer show in 2018, the Haute Couture show is Lagerfeld at his most beautiful as he turned the Grand Palais into a walled garden with working fountains and stunning floral arrangements.

In a similar style for the Fall/Winter collection for his Ready-to-Wear show, Karl turned the inside of a building into a forest with a dense layer of foliage for the models to walk on. Stunning and a reminder for Karl who grew up in the German countryside.

Karl was aware of risks but played them to his advantage. His fashion is so traditionally classic that from an artistic perspective, he can do no wrong, however, his shows would often court controversy along with some of his interviews that he would give. On this note, we will sign off with words from the man himself, Mr. Karl Lagerfeld:

“I hate having intellectual conversation with so-called intellectuals, the reason for this is because I only really care about my own opinion.” – Karl Lagerfeld