Butterflies are a compelling representation of your life. Each butterfly is related to some particular month, and this butterfly will reveal something about your personality, Butterflies are always considered as a symbol of hope. Now look down and check your butterfly according to your birthday month and see what it reveals about you.


You are lovely and you are free just like a butterfly. You like to make others happy always. People admire your presence, and people will still look up to you. You are very friendly, and you have a great heart and soul. You have a positive attitude towards everything, and hence you are very optimistic.


You are the center of attraction because of your confident personality. People always have an eye on you. They still admire you as you are so sure. But one thing is clear people with either love you or they will not love you.


Well, you are a person who never gives up no matter how difficult the situation is, and this trait will always take you ahead in your life. You are still determined, and you always stick to your goal. You have an intense personality.


You are very sensitive. You can’t hide your emotions, and that’s the best part about you. People love your emotional side. You make the world a better place for your peaceful personality. Maybe you will not believe this, but this is true!


You are a fantastic person. However, your personality is imposing, but this does not mean that people don’t love you. You are always ready to support your friends and family in every situation.


You are a fantastic partner. Sometimes you are sensitive too. You are a beautiful person. You have an invitation to other’s wishes. Your personality is calm and peaceful.


You are strong and brave. You do not like to show your sensitive side. You always respect other people, and you are charming personality.Our world needs more people like you.


You are very honest, and you always accept your mistake. You still win other’s trust because it’s not easy to admit your mistake.


You have a huge heart. You are very careful and attentive. You are a daydreamer, and you are an inquisitive person but be aware some people will try to harm your personality. But don’t let them do so stay the same.


You are very determined, and you have a lot of energy to face every difficulty in your life. You always know where you want to go and why you want to go there means you are clear about your goals. People admire you and ready to follow your footsteps.


You are happy to go, lucky person. You always have innovative ideas in your mind. You still observe the people around you. You stay in your world. Your feet always remain planted on the ground.


You are a very emotional person, and you always show it. You still hope for more in life. You do not hide your feelings, and if you are wrong, you admit it openly. People love you because of this personality.