Comics Depicting The Differences In Today’s Childhood From Our


Problems of modern childhood-We were not having such things when we were kids. And these words you will always listen to your elders especially from your grandparents. We generally hear to them from the people who continued their childhood in the series of 90s. And if you will look at them how children live then, you can find the number of differences.

Here we have collected some of the pictures that include the things that we have never seen before but will remind us of our future. It is like a memory but for the different generations. You will notice a lot of difference in the thinking of generation to production. But hence, as a result, you will find how our memories will unite us both.

Comics Depict The Problems Of Modern Childhood

1. Games that we have played and that today’s generation represents.

Comics Depict The Problems Of Modern Childhood

One of the problems of modern childhood is we used to play in the soil and the present generation video games or the indoor games for their entertainment. In actual they do not know the importance of outdoor sports.

Different type of punishment for today generation.

Before this, our parents used to give us punishment for not letting us play outside, but now they turn off our internet connection so that we will provide us with the best penalty.

Teenage girls

There was no great makeup on the face, and the teenage girls never wore shorts and used to play with their pets. There is no show-off with them and used to enjoy with them. But today there is nothing like such things. Girls are wearing shorts not playing with their pets because they think of them as a show-off.

A school day

Well, we can say that the technology has been advanced. If you were in some competition and your mother asked you about your day in school, then you give them in the result in the same manner, but today no one delays their work to post the videos of the activities on the internet. Now students also go advance by asking them to check there.

Adult Education

Well, students are more advanced in the today generation than before. All together if mothers will teach them, they will say they have known about it previously. Mothers also remain shocked.

The Childhood Nightmare

For girls before today’s generation bangles would be the dreams. But now they always demand earphones to be still there in their pockets. It is their dreams.


Before this, there were no proper telephones, and the people use d to be happy when they were connecting with each other, but now even if we call someone, they are so busy that they shout why did we call them while they were playing.

Favorite goodies

Girls never used to blame for making something according to their taste, and they always eat whatever they get from their mothers very happily. And their mothers also used to be very happy but now if something is not according to their taste, then they start blaming their mothers for no reason.

What is your ambition in life?

If we asked boys that they want to be in their life, then they always say something useful to the experience of being a doctor or an engineer, but now their demands are precisely opposite to their needs. Even their thinking has been changed.

A fight between a mother and the child

In past mothers used to scold their child for playing outdoor games a lot and not coming back home on time. But now they try to take their children away from the house so that they can play some indoor games for their benefits.

The changing toys

In the past, the most swapping toy was that of the left side, but now it is the fidget spinner the most important for them.

Our elders themselves changing.

Our elders change their minds accordingly to the modern world, and hence their appearances have a lot of differences from now and then.

The cartoons

Children used to see the jungle cartoons which can even give them knowledge, but now they watch family cartoons which are not much beneficial for them to compare with real life.

The greatest tragedy of our childhood.

Well, how we can ignore this point.