Is your family too this crazy?

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL. What happens when your family runs with a crazy streak and then it’s photographed? It turns out to be all the more hilarious, isn’t it? You can’t deny that a parallel line of humor is present in everyone, including you. What is funnier is the moment you choose to use this tactic to pull someone’s legs.

When scrolled through the internet, a series of pictures got displayed which were shared by people like you. See for yourself which photo doesn’t make you laugh!

This dog, Bonus, seriously thinks that his master is an idiot! Quite well said in the picture, right?

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

No wonder, we are all fooled. How cute of this dad to play a ‘meow’ prank on his kid.

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

5-year olds are so genuinely innocent, isn’t it? Look what revamp the photo received. Do you remember such naughtiness from your childhood?

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

Have you ever been stopped by your wife to do something you badly wanted? Well, this man too felt the same but didn’t give up. Given a red signal for piercing, the man got a pair of magnetic ones. Funny, he believes his wife would flip when she sees him!

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

Spain is astonishing. And, so is this Spiderman, who is bumping his tummy against an equally chubby uncle.

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

All moms are the same, aren’t they? Do you wish your mother to stop setting up a store inside the home? This photograph won’t be far away from Find the Difference game.

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

Hats off to a cat and girl match! These are the outcomes of their being together for a couple of days.

Crazy family photographs that will make you go ROFL

Have you ever captured your mother falling asleep in unusual places? Guts, I must say! The lady dozed off in a mall.

dozed off

Wish your dad to pair up with your likes and dislikes? This father gave his best, I suppose. He didn’t like the dress his daughter was wearing to the beach. So, instead of questioning her, he entered the league with her. Like daughter, like father!

likes of a father

Halloween is not much scary than funny, isn’t it? This picture of a young man and his father exchanging their avatars speaks much about it.


How lucky you would have been to have a father who owns such a mop bucket with an, even more, heartier vision and sticker.


Imagine you had no nails, how would your fingers look then? Scary or frightening? See how you can modify its appearance. This picture was posted by a man who was too amused by his girlfriend’s tricks.

no nail

Did you ever take the help of your siblings on your make-up and dressing? Has it come across neat? That’s because this girl didn’t find the same when she asked her sister to dry up her jeans while she was busy dressing up.

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blow dry

If you ask your dad to look after your pets, beware! What if you come across something like this scene?

looking after

Ronald McDonald is someone you can’t ignore while eating out at the McD’s, isn’t it? This snap was passed on from a father to his child which he shot in China.

in China

How would you welcome a car like this one? It was a prank that played well on a girl. And what’s more, she mistook it to be true as it was her birthday, a day to receive gifts of all kinds.

a prank car

It’s incredible how a father’s brain works. This girl asked her father for 32 slices. She received this instead. Exact 32, isn’t it?

32 slices

Do you think you could pay in full to your parent’s gifts? This young lad felt so. Bought a car from his dad, worth $2500 and this is how the money got transferred between them.

pay in full

What feeling do you get seeing this sticker over the closet? The person who suffered the setback of her mother’s genuine act was caught up in nightmares and constipation!

sticker over the closet

Have you given your brothers a chance of sunbathing? You can always advise them so.


This dad was kind enough to sit back and let his daughter choose a handful of tattoos up his sleeve. According to his child, it could line him along with the other daddies at her school.

tattoo up the sleeve

This brother faced the bad of lending a helping hand at his elder sibling’s shop. Never need to tell that brick mopping is also a thing.

brick mopping

Perhaps, when your boyfriend offers to take your pet on an outing, you can risk it marginally. This photo was captured when a guy brought his girlfriend’s dog to the beach as they wanted some quality time together. Nice idea, isn’t it?

dog in the beach

How sweet of such a husband who wishes to fulfill his pregnant wife’s desire of clicking her tummy with feet of their doggy. Does it seem like it all belongs to the animal?

feet of a dog

How do you choose the toys for your kids? By taking them along or by making them one?

toys for kids

Have you ever felt the urge to decorate your home like this? Get some idea from this chap who found these frames unattended for quite a long time. Now, that’s a good collection, do you agree?

the frame

What stories do you reminisce about your salad days or the current state of your freak family? Perhaps, you could have more rib-tickling incidents on your list.