What does your fist say about your personality? Do you ever think that how you make your fist can tell you about your personality? No, yes it can, but we never noticed that how we make our fist. Whenever we get angry, we make a tight fist which tells us about our life.

Look at your type of fist and read this article.

Type A

What does your fist say about your personality?

This type of fist shows the gentle spirit of the person. You can see in the above-given picture the thumb is placed so calmly on the other four fingers. People who make this type of fist are supposed to be very emotional, and they have a high level of empathy. These kinds of people care about others’ feelings and do not act anything before knowing it. You are the person who always gets ready to handle all the situations whether it is good or bad. You live your life by considering others. You are very sensitive from the inside, and you are always polite to others. You are not a selfish person, and you still care about others without any selfishness.

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These fist makers are very creative and meticulous. You people are an excellent mixture of extroverts and introverts because you love to indulge with other people and on the other side you also like to be with yourself. If you are working on something, you want its results quickly you can’t wait for it.

Type B

What does your fist say about your personality?

You can recognize a person by the above-given picture. People who make these kinds of fists are very talented and confident. If you belong to this side, then you are a charming personality and love to socialize. You are an extrovert person and very impulsive but not in a negative sense. You don’t keep things in your heart; you let everything out. Sometimes people take it wrong, but it is not your problem that you cannot control or suppress your emotions. You don’t hesitate to speak the truth, speak straight-forward whether it is right or wrong.

You are a very ambitious person and highly motivated. You don’t like to share your goals or aim in your life with other people because you are weak in trusting people soon. You think that your goals should be up to yourself because other people will always demotivate you and will not let you work on it. If you decide something and set your goal, you work upon it with your full hard work and dedication.

The way you think and keep your goals to yourself will not be liked by others, but you should feel sorry about that. You should never stop working on your aim because people are here to speak.

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Type C

What does your fist say about your personality?

Some introvert personalities make this kind of fist because you have seen in the above-given picture that the thumb is hiding under the four fingers. You don’t like to share your thoughts and feelings with so many people. You are a less expressive person and don’t mix up with people soon. You don’t like to make so many friends because you think more people create more dramas. You keep few people in your life, and they are always at the first place in your life. You talk with fewer people but in a proper manner. You are outspoken to those people with whom you speak and you want them to be straight-forward.

You don’t like to talk to so many people because you think that you cannot trust everyone. You always about something meaningful or something sensible rather than gossiping or chitchat. You don’t like the people who interfere in your personal life and space. You hate when people get hurt because of you because you are a universal spirit.