7 Harmful Foods For Your Baby


Dangerous foods for babies-Children are delicate, and they need a lot of care for their proper development. Many times, we feed them foods that are too sweet. This often leads to sugar-dependency among children which can progress into obesity and diabetes as they grow up.

As a parent, you are always cautious about what goes into your baby’s mouth. You may think that a particular food is good for your baby’s health, while it may not be so. Check out these seven foods that you should or shouldn’t feed your baby.

7 dangerous foods for babies-Foods to avoid feeding baby

The latest research by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University proves that consuming drinks that are full of sugars and fat triggers the onset of some cardiovascular diseases.


2. Juice

7 dangerous foods for babies-Foods to avoid feeding baby


Eating raw fruits instead of juice is a better and healthier choice. That way, you are limiting the amount of sugar and enhancing the amount of fiber in your children’s diet. If your child desires juice instead, give them freshly squeezed juice but do not add sugar to it.

3. Multivitamin

7 dangerous foods for babies-Foods to avoid feeding baby

Supplementing your children’s’ diet with vitamins may lead to hypervitaminosis or vitamin-toxicity. Don’t rely on adverts or those pretty looking animal-shaped tablets that you get over-the-counter stores. Always consult a pediatrician or child nutritionist before you decide to supplement your baby’s diet.

If you offer your children healthy and fresh food, they shall get all the necessary vitamins from it. Always look for natural remedies rather than artificial ones.

7 dangerous foods for babies-Foods to avoid feeding baby

Yogurt is a protein and essential-fat rich diet. However, that is only true if it is natural yogurt and not those which come in sweet flavors. Always look for the natural yogurts stored with proper refrigeration.

Sweetened yogurts lead to obesity and diabetes among children.


5. Grapes

7 dangerous foods for babies-Foods to avoid feeding baby

Grapes? But they are natural, right? So what makes grape a no-no for children? There are two primary reasons: One, there is a risk that your child might choke on them because it is very slippery. Second, the fibre in grapes is not suitable for the digestive tract of young children.

If your baby is up to two years of age, bananas are an excellent choice. Not only are they easy to digest but, bananas are a good source of vitamins, protein and fibre.


6. Cereals

Another downside to cereals is that they contain fast sugars which get readily absorbed into the body. So, after a few hours later, your baby will want more. It is better to replace cereals with oatmeal. Toss some low-sugar fruits (or healthy nuts) over it to make it appealing.

7. Honey


Another natural product, honey can be harmful to your baby, especially if it’s less than two years old. Honey comes from the bees which collect the nectar from the flowers. It may contain pollen or other allergens which can cause an allergic reaction. In some cases, honey might contain bacteria that attack the nervous system leading to botulism.

Honey might not be harmful to children, but it certainly leads to sugar-dependency which is not a good sign after all.

Experts Advice

Given the availability of the vast number of sweets and confectionery products targetted at children, it is almost impossible to keep your children away from them. However, with proper guidance, you can teach them what is and isn’t healthy food. Explain to them the importance of healthy and natural foods. Starting a good dietary habit from an early age is always better.