The side effects of a relationship.


Differences between single and taken guys. Being single as necessary as being in a relationship with someone. The time you spend as a single individual is important to find yourself, to live your life a little rashly, a little unthinkingly, to know your flaws but accept and love them just like the rest of you. When you get into a relationship, that company of someone else will fill up the void in you that you never knew existed.

You change in a relationship. Depending on the person you are with you can change for better or for worse. So it’s important to know the person you want to be with. But here are some funny changes that happen when you go from one to two.

Here are some illustrations that show the difference between single and taken guys


1. Relationships can be a real strain on your pocket.

Differences Between Single And Taken Guys

2. Differences between single and taken guys. Private space is all you need in a relationship.

3. Relationships make you think.

4.  True friends stay, but the weird one ones drift apart. And after their breakups, they lose both their friends and lovers.


5. When you are single, you drink to fill in the void. I know its sad.

6. Honestly, this is the hard one to pick from the viewpoint of a lazy person like me.

7. In the language of Packman.

You got that right!

8. You feel like talking in a relationship.

9. The relationship can make a person sensible.

10. When you are single, it feels like you live in a different world, isolated.

11. With a relationship comes a critic for free.

12. Too much of time to be spent on every tiny detail.

13.All the manners that your parents taught finally has some use in your relationship.

14. If this true why am I still sad?

15. Because when you are in a relationship you must act like an adult, but when you are single you must be out of your MIND!