Check Where You Stand In The Worst To Best Girlfriends According To The Zodiac Signs


Here we Ranked the Best To Worst girlfriends Based On Your Zodiac signs

Look At The Best To Worst Girlfriends Based On Your Zodiac

Rank No. 12: Scorpio

We Ranked Best To Worst Girlfriends Based On Your Zodiac

Girls with the sign of Scorpio proves to be the worst girlfriends. Scorpio girls open-minded and they never mind speaking the truth openly and are the sincere women. But after that, they find it difficult to handle the situation that has arisen around them, and also it becomes difficult to control the evil tongue. They are making many mistakes.

Rank No. 11: Virgo

Virgo attains the position of second last in the decreasing order of being the right girlfriend. They are self-conscious because although they put a lot of efforts to save her relationship then also she thinks her partner is unhappy with her. She does some strange behavior in front of him and hence gets insecure and jealous very often. They are in the search for the constant comfort of their partners.

Rank No. 10: Aries

Aries people are fickle minded. At the same time, they are thinking of many things, and thus they make the other decision about their problems. They like rushing into everything, and therefore they are very dominating and ruling over men with the iron grip. Sometimes their actions can lead to the death of the relationship.

Rank No. 9: Taurus

Taurus women are one among the hesitate lovers. They always try to run away from the problems rather than facing them. For them, the relationships are the restrictions, and hence they wanted to be independent always. They prefer to stay single rather than being with their partner. For them, friendship matters more than a relationship.

Rank No. 8: Cancer

Cancerian women are not bad girlfriends as we see. They are emotionally expressive, and also they drown their partners in the warmth of love. Along with being caring and passionate they are very demanding and will ask their partners to do what they want. They are much depressed and anxious, and hence it becomes difficult for them to handle.

Rank No. 7: Leo

Leo girls are as courageous as a lion. They come in the middle of being a good or lousy girlfriend. They want to explore the new world with their partners being adventurous. They are on the list of being loyal women too. They have an overly strong personality, and it becomes difficult for their partners to handle them when they get angry.

Rank NO. 6: Aquarius

They can be like a kick to start the line of being good friends. They are the best partners for those who are calm and have a keen sense of judgment regarding something. They have an understanding of nature. They are most worried about their self-respect in high regard. They always know what is wrong and right and hence when they feel that they will get hurt when someone tries to hurt them intentionally they will break up with him.

Rank No. 5: Gemini

Gemini girls are among the top five and hold the fifth position in the list of being good girlfriends. If we want to see their dual nature, then we will get that they are angelic and the demonic. They have a charming personality, and also they love doing some adventure rather than being stable. Gemini girls are the freedom loving, and hence they are not suitable for those who want to have a stable life.

Rank No. 4: Libra

Libra girls are the peace-loving and expect to gain quality and respect from their partners. They are quiet and calm always with an attractive personality. They generally do not express their feelings to someone. They are secretive and also want to have a safe environment.

Rank No. 3: Capricorn

Capricorn girls occupy the third position in being the best girlfriends. They are having an ambitious life along with the determination of power and living in the dreamy world. They are the dominating ones and always ready to face any challenge in the coming time. They are caring, loyal, protective, and honest girlfriends.

Rank No. 2: Pisces

Pisces girls are never sharing their thoughts with someone. They are among the introvert type who knows how to keep their darkest secret to themselves. They can readily sacrifice anything for their partners. They are loyal and honest girlfriends.

Rank No. 1: Sagittarius

If you are in search of the best girlfriends, then you can go for Sagittarius one. They are on the list of being passionate and devoted lovers. They are lovely in their way.