Differentiate between the real and fake items easily


Differentiate between the real and the fake items-Everybody loves to have branded products. Some want to maintain status and some wants quality. All most it has been found that people prefer brands due to their guaranteed qualities, style and details as the brands are bound by these criteria. If you go to buy a brand, you should first make sure that you are purchasing the real one. There are a ton of products in the market which claims to be real but they are not so. They look like original but if we see carefully, we will find the minor but important difference between the real and fake. Let’s have a look at the original and the fake products.

How to differentiate between the real and the fake items

  • EOS lip balms

Differentiate between the real and the fake items

You can only differentiate between the real and the fake items if you know the basic lines like EOS lip balms almost look similar. What you are supposed to do is that you have to see the shape and color of the plastic exterior of the lip balms. The real one shines and the locking plates of the covers contain a smooth pattern while the fake products lack both the qualities.

  • Louis Vuitton

the real bags of Louis Vuitton have a particular letter and number codes. Letter codes indicate about the country where the product has been made and the number codes demonstrate towards the date of fixing or making the product.

  • Samsung phone

You can differentiate between the real and the fake items like phones by the display. There is a code to test the reality of the product, 7353. The real Samsung phones have a bright black display. You can try the given code to open the test menu.

  • Christian Louboutin Shoes

The cloth used in the shoes is always the same throughout each and every criterion of the shoes and if you see any kind of difference in the cloth regarding the color and quality, you should understand that it is not original. Also, the sole of the shoes are always red and it is the biggest symbol of being real.

  • Hermes

Hermes bags are literally made by the hands of the artist who puts his own trademark or blind stamp. This is to indicate in which year the bag is made. You can check out the reality here.

  • Converse shoes

They have a signature sole as it is at least 1.18 inches high. You can prefer shoes if you find such a sole. You will also find a stamp of “All-Star” on the back and the tongue of the shoes if they are real. The tag has always a serial number which contains 6 characters.

  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses

There is a minor difference between the real and the fake Ray-Ban sunglasses but it does not mean that you cannot differentiate them. The real Ray-Ban sunglasses have a logo on the closure and a black velour inside and this logo is not to easily rub off. The real products always come in the leather case so if you are not finding the same facilities, you can move off having that goggles.

  • Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits

You can easily differentiate between the real and the fake products. The original Victoria’s Secret Bathing Suits are made up of double cloth. The tags have four varieties, black, white, pink and transparent.

  • Lacoste Shirts

The first sign of being real is that Lacoste Shirts have crocodile’s figure on the side of the buttons. The buttons are free from any kind of writing as you will not find anything written on the buttons if the product is actually real. The buttons are made up of mother-of-pearl as you can see the glorious quality there in the stuff.

  • Levi’s

If you are going to buy a Levis pant, you need to more careful. You would not be easily able to differentiate the real or the fake some of the second brand copies give the exact resemblance. So, you need to see the tag behind the pant. You will find perfect stitching on the back pocket if the pant is real but if there any rough kind of stitch shape, that means that the brand is not real. It may be the first copy, a second copy or just a copy but not real. In real brands, there is a red tab on the side of the pocket on which ‘e’ is written to prefer Levi’s.

  • Rolex Watches

The front glass of a Rolex watch is made up of sapphire glass which is not for easily scratched. It is very strong as you know the brands have their guarantee and qualities. Another thing you can see in the real Rolex watch is that there is a metal cover on the back side of the Rolex watch with the serial number and label engraved. These are the factors for a real Rolex watch and if you find the same, you can purchase that otherwise it is better to ignore.