What our body parts say about our personality


Body parts reveal your personality-Basically, our personality is regulated by the external factors living around us whether they are norms or people, but they play a formal role in the regulation. All the people we show in a particular situation is our real personality which depends on our body factors. You may think of how it is possible that our body should make our personality but it is true. Our body parts have a deep and intense connection with our personality. They reveal too much about our personality.

There are some studies which show that whenever we are nervous and anxious, our body parts show the reflection of the personality phase by doing the movement in a particular manner like nails biting, lips biting and legs movements, etc. They all show a glimpse of our personality. Instead of these factors, there are much more to relate. The shape, and size of the body parts show the actual behavior of our personality. We will discuss the connection of various body part with the personality.

Body parts reveal your personality

  • Hair factor

Body parts reveal your personality
The color is of the hair is a significant factor for the personality. Personality is the another and indirect name of behavior because they are a little different still they cannot be avoided. They both are the complement of each other. There are various kinds of hair color all around the world, and they tell the things accordingly. Mostly, black, blond and creamy hair are seen, and they work differently. If we look at the girls with blond hair color, we can define them in one word that, confident. These girls are very confident and full of energy.

They show smartness in every aspect of life, but it does not mean that the girls with other hair color are not so active and smart. They have their criteria of qualities either negative or positive according to the color of hair. Studies show that there is a secret connection between the hair quantity and IQ level. A bald American has 119 IQ while an American with a good quantity of hair has only 115 IQ. Thus hair is responsible for our mental settlement too.

  • Forehead factor

The forehead is one of the body parts reveal your personality it is not only for the beauty and attraction but it tells the secret meaning of our personality. Forehead tells the achievement level of the person and regulates the working method. You can almost see the people having the wide forehead are supposed the creative one.

There are more qualities in the personality of that person as he is sensitive, smart and laborious and once if he decides to achieve something, he does not stop until he has the same. The persons having a high forehead, are more likely to be serious and stable. They often have good conflict management and they can regulate their emotions well.

  • The face factor

The people who have a face like a book, are more supposed to try to regulate their feelings and emotions because they express more than they need to their face. It is very obvious to have a book face and it is natural because we have feelings but sometimes we have to show a little reflection of our personality and our face shows more.

What we are supposed to do is that we should manage our emotions at the controlled level so that we could hide as much we should. There are other shapes of the face too as the people with the narrow face are supposed more trusty. We can easily trust the person having a narrow face. Likewise, the men having a wide face are said as the tricky liar people because they are seen to cheat their partners more than others. They expertly tell a lie and they have the excuses in every situation if they are guilty.

  • The Caterpillar factors

Caterpillar plays a role in personality regulation in a unique and different manner. There may be three factors which are interrelated, caterpillar, age, and personality. This is how we can see the effect of the caterpillar on the personality. For example, surveys show that the woman of 30-34 age group if contains too much short caterpillar, she may show some of stress, anxiety and frustration factors. They may also suffer from other problems in their life as they may have professional and personal problems too.

They are supposed to be aware of all the events happening around them otherwise they can lose the continuity of calm in their life. if we define the persons with thick and attractive eyebrows, they are seen to be a party type stuff like they enjoy every aspect of life. This is just a feature of high activity, social persona, and lovely people. If the persons have straight eyebrows, they are seen to be strict stubborn. We are advised not to do argue with them because they want to be right every moment. They think that they are always right and also they expect from the people that they should consider the same about them as they do.

Some eyebrows are seen to be drawn towards the forehead and the people who have such shape are seen to be very dominant. They have an ability to rule over the others and they are supposedly the leaders of any genre.

They believe in ethics and they like to work accordingly. The messy shape of eyebrows shows the management issue of money in a person. These kinds of people do not know how to be in a sequence in the management of money order. They are seen to waste their money more than the others. We can not perfectly say this thing but it is almost found since the thickness of eyebrows also depends upon the race and genetics. Indian people are more tend to have thicker and darker hair on their body than the Chinese people.

  • The eyes factor

There are also a number of eyes color all around the world but almost black and brown eyes are found. These eye colors refer to a different kind of personality. Eye colors may not show an external personality factor but they have much inside. For example, if we talk about the blue eyes, the persons having this color is seen as inner peace and stability.

Do not take us wrong because it is true but if your experience does not say the same, we will still say that we are not so wrong for this eye factor as expectations are everywhere and we talk to the major one. The blue eyes people are not so strong whether mentally or physically and they have to work a lot to maintain the balance of these levels. The contrast of blue and grey eye color shows the emotional level of the person. They have emotional conflict in themselves as they are unable to hide what inside them.

  • The Nose

A hawk-nosed person is supposed to be a rebellion in nature. They just want to be in their own territory and they do not want to so much social.
The turned up nose shows the enjoyment level of the people. They like to be happy even in the little things and literally, they are said as the true people as they know the meaning of their lives.

  • The fear factor

Joey Yap, a master face reader has given a view that there are more than fifty kinds of ears and these ears are enough to tell about the personality. If the upper part of the ear is larger than the lower part, it shows the person is intelligent enough.
We cannot explain all fifty types so we will talk about the most common ears structure. A protruding pair of ears show the person’s attention seeking tendency. If the ears are flat, the people having such structure are supposed to be more creative.