A DIY Layered Haircut For Long Hairs: How To Cut Your Hair At Home!


A DIY Layered Haircut For Long Hairs-Hair is our major priority when we look for an attractive personality. You need to visit salons most often to take haircuts in order to keep your hair well maintained and in shape and for that, you have to spend a lot of bucks in salons. But do you know by simply following these instructions given in this article you can cut your hair by yourself? I know what you are thinking, it’s risky right? I do admit that it’s risky but I have used this technique several times to cut my own hair and believe me, it’s amazing and that’s why I am sharing this DIY layered haircut technique with you guys.

A DIY Layered Haircut For Long Hairs

Layered Haircut For Long Hairs

I hope you guys like it and it will cost you zero bucks and it takes less than five minutes. Instructions for a DIY layered haircut are given below so check it out.

Layered Haircut For Long Hairs

All you need:

Hair scissors

– Hairbrush or comb

– 2 ponytail elastics

– And a Mirror!


  • First Brush your hair upside down in order to remove tangles from hair if any.
  • Collect your hair altogether and make a ponytail at the top of your head.
  • Start combing your hair from the base neck to ponytail and it keeps it as straight as possible.
  • Ponytail holds the majority part of your hair at the center of your head rather than the sides.
  • If there is any hair at the sides try to comb and combine these hairs into a ponytail and then hold them securely with an elastic band.
  • Now run the brush through your ponytail to make sure the hair falls frivolously, and wraps the alternative elastic around the ponytail and pulls it down to the desired point where you want to get a cut.
  • Take scissors and cut the hairs below the elastic evenly and be careful while doing this so.
  • This is optional; you repeat the above steps 5 and 6 for getting more perfect even cut.

Before and after picture:



  1. I don’t have a lot of money for haircuts so have been forced to use low-cost stylists in the last few years. Each time, they have messed up my layering. My most recent experience resulted in multiple errors including a primary layer that was high and painfully crooked. This simple demonstration was not only fast and easy, it fixed the errors made by the stylist and actually ended up looking better than my last 3 haircuts! Just be sure to keep the back / longest portions in the center and start by cutting small amounts; I did 3 different rounds to make sure I wasn’t doing too much. What a difference! Now I can afford a decent hair cut and do interim maintenance at home!

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