5 ways to cut your hair yourself


How to cut your hair yourself-We need a parlor to cut our hair and we go there. When we reach the parlor, we have to give heavy money in order to be served for the haircut. It is very obvious that we are not satisfied every time after our haircut. What is the solution? If you are thinking this, you should not be disappointed as we have brought a good idea for you. You are no more needed to go to the parlor but what you have to do is that you can cut your hair layer by layer on your own. So, see the pictures and try the same-

5 ways to cut your hair yourself

  • Girly look

cut your hair

Comb your hair, make a pony, take the ponytail in front and cut.

  • Funky look

Make a ponytail in the front side, comb in the sequence cut the hair.

  • layer down

Comb the hair, make a pony in the front, capture hair by the low side and cut.

  • Cool look

Make a ponytail on the front side, capture the hair layer by layer into a rubber band and cut.

  • Layer side by side

Comb the hair, divide into three sections, capture by the hairpins, fold, and cut.

So, these are 5 ways to cut your hair easily at home by yourself without any expense. If you want a new look, you should apply these techniques.