Repair Your Skin Overnight With This Easy DIY Night-Cream.


Hello gorgeous ladies!

How about we talk today about a DIY night cream that works perfectly for all skin types? It is quick and easy to make this at home. So let’s get started!

DIY- Skin Repairing Night Cream for All Skin Type

You will require-

DIY Night Cream To Repair Your Skin Overnight

1. Some aloe vera gel.

2. Vitamin E

  • For a cream that is oil-free: Use Vitamin E oil
  • For hydration: Use Vitamin E Gel
  • For moisturizing: Vitamin E gel and almond oil

3. Some essential oil:

  • Oily skin- Tea tree, lemon, orange, etc
  • Normal skin- Carrot seed, rose, lavender, etc
  • Dry skin- Avocado. jojoba, sandalwood, etc



1. Take one and a half spoon of aloe vera gel in a clean bowl and stir it gently.

DIY Night Cream To Repair Your Skin Overnight

2. Add the gel of Vitamin E. I prefer the night cream which provides hydration, but you could choose the one which best suits your skin. Add excess Vitamin E if you need to moisturize your skin thoroughly with this night cream.

3. Stir all ingredients well until you notice a slight change of color.

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DIY Night Cream To Repair Your Skin Overnight

4. Add four drops of lavender oil and two drops of lemon oil into this blend. Adding excess lemon oil will burn your skin, so be careful with this.

5. Mix all the ingredients well until you see a gel with a creamy consistency and light green color/

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DIY Night Cream To Repair Your Skin Overnight

6. Your very own Night Cream is ready for use!

DIY Night Cream To Repair Your Skin Overnight

7. You can store this cream in a small jar, and it can be used for 2-3 months at a stretch. For first time users, try out a small amount and try it out on your skin.

Applying the cream:


Use a toner after cleansing your face well. Apply the cream gently over the face and neck area. Massage thoroughly and get to bed!


Aloe Vera-

For repairing damaged skin and providing hydration, aloe vera works wonders. As a part of a night cream, aloe vera will help you get that youthful, skin back. It will also help in treating acne and any blemishes on the skin.

Vitamin E-

The best part about Vitamin E is that it works out for all skin types. It helps to moisturize the skin. It is also an antioxidant, and it provides the skin with the nutrients it requires to breathe. It can even out any spots, blemishes and even wrinkles that develop over the skin.

Lemon Oil-

Lemon oil works well for providing freshness to the skin. It is an excellent antiseptic which can relax the skin from any impurities present.

Lavender Oil-

This oil smells beautiful and is indeed relaxing. It also helps to keep the acne in check and rejuvenates the skin.


For oily skin too, this night cream works amazingly. It is light and the sinks into the skin pretty instantly. It is non-sticky, and the skin keeps getting softer with regular use. It improvises the texture of the skin and keeps it hydrated at all times. It gives the skin a youthful feel after daily use. Hope this cream helps our readers to overcome any skincare problems. Trust me; this night-cream is the cream you need.