Artist Removes Dolls’ Makeup To Make Them Look Realistic.


Dolls look real after removing makeup-The society has left no stones unturned in standardising beauty, and most of us have been its undeserved victim, preceding our individuality and sharpening the serrated edges of stereotyped beauty. Where melanin-rich skin tones are shunned, zits are considered a curse and anything other than the 36-28-36 is noted as a weight of the world, Olga Kamenetskaya; a Ukranian artist comes as a fresh breath of air with the introduction of his makeup-free range of dolls.

Since childhood, Barbie, Bratz and monster high dolls have embedded into our conscience the fence of beauty. We grow up imitating their styles and looks unbeknownst to the hazardous impact it may have on our life later. Hence, our path of life is frequently marked by our struggle to achieve the paradigmatic stature of beauty. Now, Kamenetskaya simply subverts this tradition by removing the makeup of these popularised dolls. The pinch of reality renders his art to a more human-like approach and instil a bit more life into these dolls he modifies the shapes of their faces simultaneously nullifying the absurdity of being beautiful and perfect.

Take a look at the side-by-side images of the same doll that Olga Kamenestkaya transformed.

The side by side pictures transcribes the toxicity of perfection that permeates us, right from our childhood. The picture on the right looks spectacularly real and probably won’t result in diminishing your looks! If you take a closer look, you might also notice some natural flaws in the face of the doll. The flaws are a deliberate inclusion by the artist, to make beauty perceivable to all.

Dolls look real after removing makeup

dolls look real after removing makeup

The original doll didn’t look too bad, but Kamenestkaya’s makeover makes her look like a star.

She looks like a star but from a not-so-far-away galaxy! This doll has an eerily similar appearance to Gabrielle Union who stars in films like “10 things I hate about you” and “Think Like A Man”. Though this initially took off as a hobby, the growing acclamations inspired her to turn this into a profession and sell them on Etsy.