dr fone - Repair (iOS System Recovery) Fix iOS to Normal Quickly

dr.fone is a specially designed portable kit that offers a wide range of solution to various problems. It is an all-in-one smartphone kit that will keep your smartphone working efficiently all the time. Under this kit you get dr.fone repair, Transfer, Switch, Restore Social App, Downgrade iOS13, Unlock, Back-Up And Restore, And Erase services all free of cost. Below we have highlighted some of the popular services by this versatile tool kit.

dr.fone Transfer

Transferring important data from your old phone to the new phone is one of the tiring tasks that you cannot avoid. Back-up doesn’t restore all the data you might require. However, dr.fone Transfer tool is an extensive software kit that can help you streamline the whole transferring process and have all your files from your old phone to new one within minutes. All you have to do is connect your phones with a cable, select the files and click on the transfer button. All your files will be transferred within a few minutes.

dr.fone Switch

The versatile feature that it offers is one of the reasons behind its growing popularity among smartphone users. Following are some of the prominent features of this tool –

Transfer Files from both iOS and Android Devices

One of the key features of dr.fone tool is that you can use it on iPhone as well as Android phones. The tool is compatible with over 8000 smartphones and tablets. Some of the brands include Apple, Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI, Google, LG, OPPO, Motorola, SONY, ZTE, etc.

File Types

The primary issue with other transferring app is that they fail to support all important types of the file needed that you might need. However, dr.fone allows you to transfer around 15 different types of file, thereby rendering the versatility you would want in a data transferring app.

High Transfer Speed

Nobody wants to spend hours transferring files from one phone to another. With dr.fone app, you can easy data transfer within a few minutes.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another prominent feature associated with dr.fone Switch kit. All you have to connect the devices and click on a single button to transfer all the files you want.

dr.fone Repair

Often users encounter some issue with their devices like UI not working properly, black screen death, apps not working, etc. With dr.fone app, they can fix these issues easily. To use this service –

  • Launch dr.fone on your phone and select Repair from the main window. Ensure to connect your Android to the PC.
  • An information screen will appear where you have to mention your device’s name, brand name, model name, country, and various other details. Then click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • The repair process might erase the data on your device. Proceed by typing ‘000000’. Make sure you back up your data before you start the Repair.
  • Before you begin the repair process, ensure to book your smartphone in Download mode.

Transmore – Wireless Sharing

There are types when the receipt is not near us, the file is huge, or you have to transfer from PC to your phone to multiple people. In such scenarios, you can take the assistance of Transmore, a wireless data sharing tool. To share data using Transmore –

  • Download the app in your iPhone or Android device. In case you are using a PC, then visit the web page.
  • You can transfer files from one phone to another through the internet. Connect both the devices and select all the files you want to share. Tap on the Send button and punch in the QR code in the recipient phone or scan the code.
  • In case you are transferring from the PC, visit the website, and open the app on your phone. In the Send section, click on the “Add your Files” button and select the files you want to share. Click on the Send button to get the QR code on the screen. Type the code on your phone to receive the files.

Whether you want to fix the issues, perform back up, recover or restore data or share files from one device to another, dr.fone is a comprehensive mobile solution kit that you must possess. It has an array of interesting features that ensure that your mobile is running with optimum efficiency. And you get to enjoy all these versatile solutions for free. The app is available for free download on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.