Easy Bun Hairstyles That Can Be Done In Just 5 Minutes.


Bun hairstyles-You can’t wear the same look the whole day and the same for the rest of the days too. You need to change your style each day so that you look different and amazing, Girls with long hair prefers high ponytail but believe me Hair Bun is the most stylish and trendiest way of styling your hair. They just look more classy, hot and elegant in each outfit. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing and stylish bun hairstyles.


Beachy waves Bun hairstyles:

Bun hairstyles

One of the easiest and stylish buns which you can achieve in just 5 minutes. Take all your hair and secure it with a rubber band, girls with curls gets an advantage on this.

Side Messy Bun:

This is a messy bun which looks great for every occasion. This style is perfect for layered hairs as it resembles the texture in a relaxed and elegant way.

Wavy bun hairstyles:

It is a much more sophisticated style which looks best on naturally wavy hairs.

Top Bun:

Flaunt your flawless look by doing this top bun style with some flirty twist. Girls with broad forehead are not advised to do this style.

Bun hairstyles With Bangs:

It’s new waves here. Bangs with bun team up our face well. Girls with oval or round shaped face are advised to do this style.

Bun Updo With Side Bangs:

If you love to have volume in your bun, then this style goes perfectly with all your outfits as it adds volume to your bun and its perfect for long layered hairs.

Fishtail Bun:

Braided buns are one of my favorite styles, try to give a new twist by doing a fishtail braid and then to secure it high like a bun.

Criss Cross One:

Take two thick strands of hair and them to wrap them in criss-cross position around your Bun.

Loose And Messy Knot:

This is a fun and classy hairstyle with a knot at the nape that gives an extra boost of class.

Bun With Side Part:

This sleek style features a razor crisp part which works well with a natural cowlick.

Side Bun With Formal Hair:

Smooth the top with a brush, finger roll the hair and pin the hair below the elastic band. It gives you a fancy and gorgeous look.