8 Amazing Ecological Projects By Which Our Planet Become Healthier


Ecological Projects-On average, we use a plastic bottle for 15 minutes. A plastic container takes around 200 years to get decomposed. Every minute, approximately one million plastic bottles get sold in the world. 9% of the used plastic bottles get recycled, 12% bottles get burned, and the rest of the bottles get dumped in the garbage or the oceans. We find the waste of these bottles through the drinking water in our bodies and the bodies of animals because they get dumped in the oceans. It is one of the types of pollution which is taking place on our earth. We should take steps to save our planet from this type of pollution.

Here we are going to list the successful ecological projects which have got created by people to take care of the pollution.

Footwear gets ready from the recycled plastic bottles.

8 Amazing Ecological Projects By Which Our Planet Become Healthier

The brand, The Rothy’s shoe creates shoes from recycled plastic bottles. Their most famous collection of shoes include colorful and washable flats. Meghan Markle wore these flats during her visit to Australia. The company has recycled¬†25 million plastic bottles into apartments.

Kids furniture get made from broken plastic toys.

EcoBirdy, a Butch project creates the furniture from the broken toys of kids. This company has also launched the educational project along with making the furniture. This educational project is about the harm which got done by the plastic. The company has installed individual containers in Kindergartens so that kids can put their broken toys in these containers. Till now the company has recycled 25 tons of plastic toys.

Bicycles get made from recycled PET bottles.

Muzzicycles, a Brazilian company produces the frames which get made of recycled plastic bottles. One frame gets ready with 200 plastic bottles. This frame is lighter and cheaper than the regular frames made by other companies. This bike is under warranty for 100 years.

The vending machine gives out the animal food when you insert a plastic bottle into the vending machine.

Pugedon, the Turkish company makes vending machines to collect plastic and glass bottles. Through solar energy, this vending machine works. When a container gets put in this machine, it gives out cat or dog food.

It is a spray shower which saves 70% more water.

It is an American company which has created a shower system which saves up to 70% more water than the standard showerhead. This shower got developed by engineers from Tesla, NASA, and Apple. It works by using a method of spraying the tiniest drops in place of flowing ordinary water. This is one of the inventions has famous investors like the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

Hemp houses

Hempcrete is an eco-friendly building material which gets made of a mixture of hemp chips and lime. This material is light and holds the warmth very well. Hempcrete regulates the humidity. It is straightforward to use this material, and it is suitable for all the climates and environments. This material can also absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which helps in making the house stronger and stronger over time.

Plastic roads

It is a Dutch company which is producing the constructing modules from recycled plastic. It is straightforward and cheap to build the roads with these modules because these modules are lighter than asphalt and they quickly get attached. These modules are empty from inside so that pipes and cables can lay through them quickly. These roads can stay stable for several decades. When these roads are going in bad condition, then these roads get disassembled and processed again. The first road of this type has got built-in the Dutch city of Zwolle.

Newspaper wood

Mieke Meijer, Butch designer, has always got perturbed by unsold newspapers because a lot of trees get cut down to produce them. So he came up with the idea of the ‘Newspaper wood.’ It is a material which gets made from the extruded old newspapers and organic glue which resembles the wood in its appearance and strength. We can saw, polish, and drill this wood. Nowadays, this brilliant material gets used for making furniture and interior decorations.