9 Things At Your Home Which You Should Clean At Once


Things you should clean at once-Your house is a palace for you. It is imperative to keep your things clean to keep everything healthy in your home. In this way, your appliances will also work efficiently. There are a lot of items in your houses that you may forget to clean even once.

Here we have prepared a list of items for you that you should clean once. Here are the tips to clean the given objects.

Remote controls

9 Things you should clean at once

You should think about cleaning the remotes. We all touch the remote control in our home at the time of eating or coughing. We reach it so many times while doing our work so it can be the germiest things in our house. It is prone to cold viruses. So we need to keep the remote control clean all the time by cleaning its surface with alcohol wipes.

The computer keyboard is one of the things you should clean at once

Nasty things can get stuck in the computer keyboard when you are eating while using it. When you all use the keyboard, it can get very dirty. You can use a compressed air spray to clean the keyboard. You can also use Q-Tips by dipping them in alcohol to clean the keyboard. You can also use many types of sprays or wipes to clean your electronics.

Kitchen sink

You should drain all the food residue from the kitchen sink. Bacteria can get developed in a wet area. And also the bacteria can get attached to the residue of food that is already down in the drain. You should clean the kitchen sink daily by using a disinfectant.

Water bottles

Most of us save the water bottles and fill them with water to keep the bottles in the fridge. We should clean up these bottles daily. In these bottles, bacteria can get developed even more than a toilet seat.


Doorknobs are the things which get created to touch. Everyone coming in your home feels the doorknobs regularly. There is a lot of germ on the doorknobs. To clean up these things, use white vinegar. You have to pour some white vinegar on a piece of rag and wipe the doorknobs with it.

Bed pillows

Bed pillows are the things that you use daily. There can be a lot of drool stains, dead skin cells, dust mites on the pillows. You daily clean the bedsheets but do not clean the pillows daily. Most of the bed pillows are washing- washable so you should clean the pillows at least twice a year.


The cleaning sponge can also become unsanitary. To kill all the germs from the sponges, microwave them for around a minute. And you should change the sponges once every week.

Refrigerator cols

You should clean the refrigerator coils twice a year to prevent them from malfunctioning. If the refrigerator coils get clogged, then it will avoid the fridge to work correctly. You can clean them by using a vacuum cleaner.


Toothbrushes are the main thing that you should clean first. You should place your toothbrushes in an alcohol-based mouthwash once a week. After every three months, replace your toothbrush. Keep your brush away from the other brushes like in a cabinet.

Tips for washing dishes:

There are few tips for those people who hate to wash their dishes. These tips can help these people to clean their dishes easily.

  • You generally use hot water to clean your dishes. The cold water can remove all the dairy and starch stains from the plates. You can use also baking soda to remove the greases stains.
  • Firstly give your dishes a sanitizing rinse and then add a tsp of bleaching powder to a gallon of water to rinse the dishes. You can use this solution to clean the sponge and sink afterward.
  • The burn marks can get removed if you soak the cookware in the solution overnight. This solution receives made from salt and cold water. Then clean the cookware with the boiling water.
  • You can also use a dishwasher to clean your dishes. The dishwasher uses less water than washing the dishes by hand.