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The service industry is synonymous with tipping, especially when the service is exemplary. Casinos are no exception, and every time you go to the casino, remember to factor your tipping costs to avoid looking stingy. While tipping is voluntary and there are no qualms when you don’t tip, it just makes sense to appreciate casino workers. After all, their services ensure you have a memorable experience at the casino.

Location Matters

Tipping etiquette varies by country and before dishing out your tips on exotic casinos, find out if there are any rules concerning tipping. In America, tipping is the norm, not just in casinos, but across most sectors. In fact, tipping here is encouraged, especially when dealing with minimum wage workers, who mainly rely on tips to boost their low pay.

In some countries, especially in Asia, tipping is a foreign concept and might raise suspicion. For example, Japan is known for exceptional service and tipping might offend the receiver, while most workers will politely decline tips in China. In New Zealand, your tip is likely to be perceived as offensive and rejected. It is advisable to understand cultural norms concerning tipping to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and offending people.

People to Tip at the Casino

One of the reasons tipping matters often draw debate is concerning who to tip at the casino. When you enter the casino, you encounter different workers, who in one way or another, play a role in creating the perfect gambling experience. While tipping is voluntary and not a guarantee of obtaining luck from the gambling gods, it takes care of awkward scenarios and creates a great mood for everyone. If you are wondering who to tip at the casino, here are a few considerations.


Whether you are playing table games, poker or blackjack, your dealer is your to-go person for every question and concern. You may not always encounter a pleasant dealer, but dealers will make your experience worthwhile most of the time and tips will go a long way to keep them motivated.

Chip Runners

You have to take your chips from the cages in some casinos as there are no chip runners to attend to you. However, where a chip runner takes care of all the chips you need, a little tip won’t hurt.


Cashiers are not the most tipped person in the casino, but just the fact that they handle your winnings is a good reason to leave them a tip. If you are worried about the amount, it is really at your discretion; whether you give $ 3 or $ 10, it won’t change anything.


Nowadays, many gamblers play online games as opposed to visiting real casinos.  Several betting companies provide live gaming options for real-time betting with a dealer. Some of these sites pace a box on your screen to allow players to tip.

Tipping goes in hand with the gambling industry and should not leave you feeling apprehensive. After all, it is not compulsory and you will still get the services you need. However, it is one way to enhance your gambling experience and create a great rapport with casino workers.