The meaning of the concept of education is being expanded far and wide nowadays and now education is not only limited to the traditional classrooms along with chalk and blackboard. Now the whole world of education has also expanded to the fingertips of the students with the advancements in technology.

Nowadays there are several kinds of educational institutions that are adopting the concept of an online examination system so that they can cater to the needs of students in an efficient way. All the processes are being benefited from the advancements in technology because they have become highly streamlined, efficient, and effective than before.

Following are some of the reasons why each school and university should shift their normal operations to the Online systems:

The security of examination paper is significantly enhanced: The implementation of online examination will always help in making sure that there is a high level of flexibility as well as security in the whole process. Each question when uploaded in the system will be shuffled and it will be providing a different pattern to different students.

Hence, the chances of cheating will be significantly minimized and this concept will never be possible in the traditional examinations. So, it is considered to be the best possible way of getting rid of all kinds of malpractices throughout the examinations.

The result processing becomes quick as well as efficient: the traditional systems were based upon manual involvement in every aspect of the result processing. But with the advancements in technology, now the results can be calculated accurately as well as instantly.

In the traditional systems, there were several kinds of stages for example checking the examinations, uploading the marks and the whole process was very much prone to human errors. But now everything is highly efficient and nothing will be prone to human errors.

People can very easily get rid of examination centers with this concept: The best possible benefit of online examinations is that now there is no need to travel far distances to appear in a particular examination because everything can be conducted in the comfort of home place with the help of a Web camera and a mike.

The whole concept is based upon remote proctoring procedures which very well make sure that hundreds of students can appear in the examination at a single point of time without any kind of extraordinary expenditure on accommodation and travel. The whole procedure of scheduling the examinations and contacting the examination centers or hiring the invigilators has been removed and the whole process has become very easy and hassles free.

The logistic costs associated with the universities and schools have been significantly reduced: Another benefit of going with the option of implementation of an online examination system is that the examination process can be managed with the help of technology and the logistic costs have been reduced to the bare minimum levels. With the help of the internet, it is now more beneficial in cases where examinations are held at different locations and multiple centers.

The resultant processing can also be done which only further helps in reducing the logistic costs associated with the whole process. In the paper-based examination, the whole process was prone to several kinds of factors for example examination centers, hiring invigilators, sending question papers, asking for answer sheets, publishing the results, and several other things. But now all these things are collaborated and can be done in a single platform because the location constraint has been removed from the whole process and everything can be perfectly implemented with the help of such online systems.

This concept is very much preferable for the objective examinations: a lot of institutions think that adopting these kinds of systems will not be of use because they conduct subjective examinations but these kinds of systems are highly compatible with the subjective exams in which the candidates are required to write in simple English language along with diagrams and symbols.

These kinds of examinations can be facilitated with technology like speech to text, uploading of the images, and several other things so that proper evaluation can be done by the teachers. The best part associated with the whole concept is that there will be individual login which will eliminate the confusion element from the whole process.

The examination costs are significantly reduced: Another major reason to implement these kinds of systems in the Schools and universities is that the cost for examination comes out to be very less whereas in the paper-based systems this particular cost per unit was very high. Hence, this is a very affordable and feasible choice to conduct examinations for schools and colleges.

They have a complete opportunity of remote supervision: the auto Surveillance mode always helps in making sure that everything is connected to the internet all the time and the invigilators can also have snapshots of the students in case there is any kind of activity going on. This will always make sure that students never opt for any kind of Cheating practices and the whole concept is very much cost-efficient as well as time-efficient. Hence, this concept is very much preferable in medicine to the paper-based systems by all the institutions.

-The question paper generation process is very easy: Designing the question paper in the digital format is also very easy and also helps in reducing the chances of leakage of paper. On the other hand, in the traditional systems designing process was very much time-consuming as well as complex. Hence, now the commissions can be conducted securely with the implementation of these kinds of advancements in technology.

Hence, in this dynamic world where every field is becoming technology-based, online examinations are just the right step in the field of education. This is just what was needed to make the system faster. This latest trend has been picked up by almost every school and college because of the accuracy, affordability, feasibility effectiveness, simplicity, automation, and several other features as well as benefits provided by it.