Let your sound memory be your companion till the end with these simple mind exercises

Let your sound memory be your companion till the end with these simple mind exercises

Exercises to improve your brain fitness. As you enter into your ripe age, your mind starts to recollect and remember things, peoples, and places slowly. There are chances that you might feel lost. It happens because your nerve cells lose their efficiency and thus, you often face bouts of memory loss. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are a few nervous disorders. Hold on; every problem has a solution to it. If you want to carry your clear memory to your grave, then you better start working on it early. To know the how-and-why, read along further!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You might have heard of this saying from the very beginning. The same holds true for your brain as well. Your mind works continuously 24 x 7. You need to relax and give it a rest time and again. And the most healthy way to do so is to exercise it. Perhaps, you must have learned how beneficial is the daily dozen to your body. Similarly, regular exercise of your mind also activates it further and allows it to work in a more focused manner throughout life.

Below are described a few very useful and simple techniques to keep your mind fit. Make it a practice to perform them in your spare time for your brain is vital to you.

#1 Let both your hands do the job

Exercises to improve your brain fitness

If you want to save your time and handle multiple tasks at the same moment, then you need to train your brain accordingly. Start practicing the art of synchronous bimanual writing. All you need is two sheets of paper and your writing tools. To begin with, you can make geometric shapes using both your hands. Later on, you can move to the alphabets and characters, provided you write the same amount from both sides. In this manner, both the hemispheres of your brain remain active over a period.

#2 Number game

Have you heard of the Schulte Table? If not, the above picture is an explicit representation of the same. Now, how is this 5 x 5 table helpful to you? Well, it develops your peripheral vision by enriching the intake and reception of the speed of information you provide.

Focus on the center of the table. Which number do you see? 19. Yes, concentrating on 19, find the number 1. Then, consequently, look for each number according to the ascending order by fixing your gaze on the previous figure.

You can search for many such Schulte tables over the net. You can also create a Schulte diagram yourself by placing the numbers randomly.

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#3 Peace. Okay?

Exercises to improve your brain fitness

You might have tried out mudras during your yoga. Indeed, they are quite a healing factor. Now, suppose you wish to increase your attention and manage to switch over tasks quickly. The peace and the ok hand gestures will surely support you in this.

How do you proceed with these finger signs? Arrange the digits of your right hand to form the peace symbol. At the same instant, make the OK sign using your left-hand fingers. Alternately, make the peace sign with your left hand and the OK indication with your right hand. Repeat the exercise over a couple of times until you can switch over the formation of each manus at once.

#4 Read the color

Exercises to improve your brain fitness

Are you sure you can read a multi-colored text without error? Given above is one such series. Try reading the color in which each word is written. Say it aloud so you can avoid the scope of mistakes. Then, proceed from the last word to the first, once you finish the primary task. It is entirely possible that you will face difficulties in your initial attempt since the hemispheres of your brain in which the section of your color and text perception is located are different.

Your attention switching capability is enhanced by this reading of colors as well as it boosts your concentration. What’s more, this simple mind-training exercise helps ward off the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease in the future. It is because new connections get instituted between the two hemispheres.

#5 Instructions of Lawrence C. Katz

Lawrence C. Katz was a brain researcher who developed few exercises to train the brain and keep it sharper. Some advice from his book ‘Keep your brain alive: 83 neurotic exercises to help prevent memory loss and increase mental fitness’ are listed below.

1. Turn off the volume button while watching a movie or show. Try to figure out what is being said by carefully considering the movements and expressions of the characters.
2. Keep your eyes closed during your daily activities like brushing teeth or taking a shower.
3. While going to your workplace or shopping or other journeys, swap your routes frequently.
4. Make use of your non-dominant hand for your usual rituals such as combing your hair or cleaning your teeth.

You might be young from your heart. Now, give your brain a chance. Stay forever young even in your old age by training and activating your mind from today.