Abandon these peculiarities to be your normal self

Unhealthy habits that may be hurting your image and the manner
Unhealthy habits that may be hurting your image and the manner-You might have the prettiest face and always be the ready one for photoshoots. Well, remember that you still make yourself look the best in photos. But, when it comes to reality, how similar is it with your pictures and albums?
There are some unusual expressions and gestures you practice naturally, be it when you are all alone or in a company. These unhealthy habits can deter your image and the manner in which others perceive you. If you ask, whether these are your good habits?
No, they are not. On the contrary, you may appear as being nervous, bothered or even less confident. Yes, there are a few habits that you need to ditch as soon as possible to present yourself in a better way and boost your personality.

#1 Always slumpy


Do you always walk with your head slumping down? It could indicate that you are quite disappointed by something or that you are feeling very low. If you don’t want the whole world to know about your distress, walk with your head up and look at the brighter side of everything. Bow down only when you pick up something or someone. Else, find it better to raise your head and walk with confidence.

#2 Hunching


If you have a general tendency to hunch all the time, it shows how confident you are from the bottom line. You need not stress so much over any small issue and lower your morale. Let your straight posture speak for itself.

#3 Too much squinting


It is one habit that all of us fall prey to. Blame it on the scorching sun or unwelcoming news; you squint when you are in doubt. You must have noticed that this non-verbal cue doesn’t suit too much on your sweet face. So, avoid it for good.

#4 Eyebrow time


Say forever no to raising your brows time and again, when you are confused or grumpy or frustrated. It is natural that it doesn’t go with your character. So, stop giving your eyebrows all the pain. Continuous play with your brows might irritate you with a headache later on.

#5 Eyebrow plucking


Now, this is another weird thing that you frequently practice. Plucking at your brows or hair on any part of your body is a disorder known as trichotillomania. Stop destroying your eyebrows and let them be the way they are. Not only are you ruining its shape, but also inviting pain and uneasiness by doing so. Be you in your deep thoughts or reality, plucking at your brows won’t come as a sound solution.

#6 Making Faces


If you are pulling your face quite often, it is time to get rid of it. You might think that you are exercising your facial muscles although, that doesn’t help much. Nobody likes to see you pulling out faces, even though it comes out naturally when you are disgusted about something. On the other hand, you may seem more friendly with a smiling face.

#7 Frowning hard


Yeah, it is better to have a curve on your lips. Nonetheless, make sure it is not upside-down, but stay smiling always. Forget the frown and the confusion. Carry yourself with a smile wherever you go. Perhaps, you can spread your happiness.

#8 Your nose is always up


If you are too confident about yourself, then you generally stick your nose up. It might convey negative views about your personality on the contrary. Thinking high of yourself when others might be right is not quite a manner. Besides, wisdom is not only about understanding what you already know, but being humble enough to learn what others have to teach you.

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#9 Playing with your hair


Do you often find yourself twirling your blondes now and then for no reason at all? You might be in deep thought or try to attract eyes, but the effect turns out to be quite the opposite of your efforts. Nor would you find it healthy for your hair. Therefore, try to be more careful with your hair at least.

#10 Biting your lips


The unpleasant faces you make comes out spontaneously, out of which biting your lips when in doubt is quite common. It doesn’t reduce your doubts, right? So, why practice such behavior? Doing so might eventually be harmful to your lips as well, making them vulnerable to cracks and wounds. Keep up your spirits whenever in doubt, you never know when the tables get turned!

#11 Scratching all over


Yeah, you might feel the urge to scratch yourself, be it due to the sudden insect bites or just an uncomfortable moment. Scratching your skin out isn’t a perfect prospect. Besides, it would make you look more awkward and leave behind a mark of scratch. To avoid being the bunny bee, resist your desire to scratch up your skin too much.

#12 Cracking your knuckles


You are tired and all done. You think that breaking those knuckles could lessen your pain and dullness. It might give you relief from your stressful situation, at the same time being annoying to others because of that popping sound.

#13 Too guilty and wringing


Rightly, wringing your hands in worry indicates that you are guilty of something. It could even signify a moment of concern. Twisting and turning your hands doesn’t seem to be the proper way to tackle a situation. Much more than being stressed about it, it is better to face whatever is on the road.

#Be You


Now it is not too late to abandon all your annoying habits. You need not fret over every other situation. Life has its set of twists and turns, like a jigsaw puzzle. There is no point brooding over it. Yes, if you approach it with your beautiful smile and take it easy, then you can surpass any hurdle that messes up on your path.