Basic Eyeliner Mistake one should avoid


Eyes are one of the most beautiful and attractive parts of our face. Since it is an attention gainer feature, therefore an individual’s overall physical personality mainly depends upon this feature as it is noticed primarily by others. Enhancing this feature can help you look glamorous and adorable without makeup. Here we have mentioned 8 basic eyeliner mistakes which one should avoid while applying eyeliner.

1) Avoiding base on eyes
This is the most essential and primary step before applying an eyeliner which one must not avoid. Applying a base will smoothen the surface and also evens your skin which gives you a perfect look at applying eyeliner on it.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid
2) Giving yourself a panda look
Some women have this habit of applying eyeliner in excess i.e. very thick in shape which in result gives them a raccoon or panda look. One must apply these liners according to their face and skin tone.

3) Use of scotch tape
Using a scotch tape near your eyes will help you in avoiding the eyeliner marks. If you are not able to apply your liner in an appropriate manner then you should stick a small piece of tape near your eyes and then apply liner. This will also help you in giving a perfect finish and shape.

4) Applying curler
Curling your eyelashes gives you a perfect finish touch but the basic mistake one commits in her day to day life is applying curls before applying eyeliner. One must always apply curls after applying eyeliner. This will make your eyes perfect and attractive.

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Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid
5) Skipping blending of eyeliner
Always blend your liner for giving it a final and elegant touch.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid
6) Using dried eyeliner
Try to avoid dry eyeliner as it will give you an uneven and hazy look. Always use a wet liner or for reusing your liner just add few drops of eye drops and leave it for few minutes. Your eyeliner is ready to be reused.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid
7) Blank upper waterline
Skipping the upper waterline will clearly show the space between your eyelashes and liner. That will result in an inappropriate look. One should always cover the waterline using a pencil eyeliner.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid
8) Using liquid eyeliner on the lower lash line
Liquid eyeliner is only for the upper lash line. One should always use pencil eyeliner or kajal for covering the lower portion of the eye.

Eyeliner mistakes you should avoid