Best smoke eye makeup


Smoky eyes are one of the new trends which gives a glamorous look to our eyes. It delivers the final finishing touch to our eyes and also provides a signature look which can steal the show. Here we present some of the best and unique ideas which can give you a perfect look-

1) Brown and Gold
A little shimmery white shade at the inner corner of eyes blended with dark matte brown over the outer side along with a perfect eyeliner line will end up with finishing touch. Applying mascara can give you a perfect look.

2) Silver and Black
Initiate by applying shimmery silver from the inner corner towards the mid. Blend a light matte brown shade from the centre towards the outer side. Use a black colour eyeshadow from the outer side and blend it with all other shades. Apply a thick layer of an eyeliner and give the finishing look with artificial eyelashes.

3) Matte and light brown
A combination of matte dark and a light shade of brown along with a black eyeshadow across the eyelids can give a glamorous look. Apply a touch of golden eyeshadow towards the inner corner and finish it up with a mascara.

4) A glittery brown shade
Brush the lovely light brown shade under the eyebrow and blend it with a darker shade. Pat with a layer of glittery gold and apply a thick eyeliner for a perfect finish. For more dramatic look one can apply false eyelashes.

5) Mauve blend with dramatic flick
A Mauve twist on smoky eyes will lighten up the look. Initiate by mauve shade right across the eyelid along with a dark brown colour from outer corner towards the mid. Finish it with a gold shimmer and black eyeliner.

6) Shimmery bronze with thick eyeliner
Dabbing the inner corner with shimmery copper colour for highlighting eyes. Then apply the shadow all across the eyes. Then use a matte brown colour and blend it from outer towards the inner side. Apply an eyeliner and draw a thick line from inner to the outer side.