The Fact Of Smarter People Who Talk To Their Pets


How smart people talk to their pets? The persons who talk to their pets, plants or any inanimate object are intelligent; they are not stupid. We usually call them stupid as how they can talk to the objects whom we can not understand directly.

All around the globe, most of the pet owners make daily conversations with their pets in the same way as they talk to the ordinary human beings. They keep their pets as their family member and ask them questions as we ask from human beings. They wish them good morning, ask them to go for a walk and if they are hungry. Moreover, their pets also understand them and reply to them in a second back.

Facts smart people talk to their pets

Facts smart people talk to their pets

Do you have a pet? And do you also talk to them as you talk to your family member? We are not talking only about the dog. It can be any pet like dog, cat, parrot, or a guinea pig. If you also speak to your pets, then people may call you stupid or even say “Are you gonna nuts?” They may be weird about your behavior that how can you talk or understand your pets.

There is also one time in your life when you sit alone and think that why are you like this. You think and talk to yourself that why you like the company of your pet more than that of the humans. Have you gonna mad or crazy?

How will you react if we tell you that it is the sign of intelligence if you talk to your pets, plants or any animate objects? It’s not stupidity. You are very smart, not crazy. This act is known as anthropomorphizing. We can say that it is the attribution of human traits, intentions, or emotions with the non- humans.

A professor, Nicholas Epley of behavioral science at the University of Chicago has quotes that “Historical, anthropomorphizing has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it is a natural byproduct of the tendency that makes human uniquely smart on this planet.”

When kids talk to the pets, we say it cute, but when an adult does the same, we call it stupidity. The experts say that if we see the human traits in the non-humans, it is the sign of intelligence.

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In 2011, A study was conducted at Harvard in which a group of people was shown the pictures of baby and adult animals. Then most of the people chose baby animals because they said that they could give these animals a human name and also can recall and express them through genders.

Moreover, also they can call them by their names and talk to them as they speak to other human beings. Humans can only find the human traits in any inanimate object.

It is a most popular way of anthropomorphizing to name your pets or inanimate objects. To give your pets, a human character also comes under this term. It is not weird if you call your dog, a baby or your cat as a grumpy old man. We call it an intelligent talking.

We can not explain the human brain. It is very complicated. We are not sure that what all our minds keep inside it. It is all the sign of brain’s creativity to find the human characters in any inanimate object.

This activity not only affects the humans but also affects the pets. According to the various studies, if we continuously talk to the dog, they learn our words more than our speaking gestures.

The dogs can understand your words in the better way and also understand the emotions in your words. However, the cats do not understand your words as the dogs can. However, the cats can recognize their owner’s voice. Cats are very intelligent, and they can use 16 different ways to communicate.

In conclusion, we can say that it is normal and natural to talk to your pets. There is nothing stupidity or wrong in this.

The persons who talk to their pets are smarter than the persons who do not. So it is nothing weird in this if you talk to your pets. Tell others that you are smarter than them.