NIU aims for Europe with these two new launches


NIU launches the future of urban electric motorcycles-Petrol scooters that came into existence mainly because of its needs. For people living in a country with a vast population, congested spaces and extended traffic jams, a petrol scooter is a perfect solution. Zipping through the traffic in times of emergency or quickly getting to the market for an errand, a petrol scooter serves the purpose. Especially in a country like India and South Korea, the massive number of petrol scooters is evident to the eyes.

NIU Launches the Future of Urban Electric Motorcycles

However, now we have a new alternative to petrol scooters on the roads. That is the electrically powered scooter. Yes, they have indeed been around for a while now, but there has been an increase in demand for electric scooters in recent times. The main reason why electric scooters were not given that much importance was mainly because of the limited top speed that an electrically powered engine can generate. However, from NIU now we have two new models with the names M+ and the N-GT.

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NIU Launches the Future of Urban Electric Motorcycles

NIU is not a new company stepping into the e-scooter genre as they have already made a name for themselves in the Chinese market. However, with the implementation of Panasonic batteries in their newer models, NIU plans to build a place for themselves in the European cities.

The N-GT model has a 60V 35Ah battery which is capable of running a Bosch 3000W electrically powered motor. This enables for a massive top speed range of between 70km/h to 130km/h. Similarly, for the M+ model, we get a 48V 42Ah battery equipped with a Bosch 1200W motor. The M+ packs a top speed range of between 45km/h to a maximum of 100km/h.

Now, what is so new special about these two beauties is the pack of smart features that these e-scooters come with. They come with a Vodafone connection needed for an NIU app that comes with these scooters. This app from NIU offers GPS, anti-theft tracking and remote tracking. And to top it all of, the e-scooter comes with a self-diagnostics feature powered by the accompanied NIU app along with access to help centre when needed.

One of the classics for scooters that is, Vespa is also now working on their very own e-scooter Vespa Elettrica. They are trying to maintain their evergreen retro look with this upcoming scooter and a range of 100 km from one charge. They are currently working on to develop such lithium powered scooters, but as soon as it hits the market, it will be a sure buy for many.

NIU Launches the Future of Urban Electric Motorcycles

As far as e-scooters for city life is concerned, NIU seems to have nailed that aspect with functionality coming with Bosch engines powered by Lithium batteries. The N-GT costs around $5000 while the M+ comes in at a lower $3000 price tag.