Do you look forward for the fall?

Fall expectation vs reality-What are your expectations for the autumn season? Is it a typical floor of red and yellow leaves where you can get photoshoot? Or does your boots, warm sweaters and stunning outfits take the center stage? Is it equally likely that you experience the same way as you dream? Or is the reality much bitter?

Although it is always good to look at the bright side, yet, it is quite unnatural to completely ignore what takes place. Here are some difficult situations faced by girls all over in the month of fall that is smartly depicted in pictures. Nevertheless, some scenes twist into the craziest memories you can ever create!

October is here! Have you started feeling the chills? How are you coping with it?

fall expectation vs reality

Is the summer heat still torturing you? Well, the weather needs some time to decide how to switch over!

Fall expectation vs reality

You feel that it’s never too late to make your desires come true. Howbeit some choices turn out ugly, isn’t it?

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Fall expectation vs reality

You might plan to shed those extra kilos and burn the calories, but fate won’t allow you. You feel more drawn towards your tempting meals.

love for food

The months have switched over and about. Don’t you think that your cosmetics collection needs reform as well? You will see for yourself!

Fall expectation vs reality

Could you have ever thought that the weather would take such a drastic jump in a single day? Remember, how you stepped out of your home, and the condition of your return.


You could never think what happened a few minutes ago at the same place. There are leaves to cover it up all.


When you realize that you have left behind your carefree school days which has put a stop to your vacations also.

missing school

So, are you ready to brave those cold winds brushing past your face and turning you in no less a match than Rudolph, the red nose reindeer!


It’s that time of the year when you can try out your scarfs. The checked ones, the simple straight designs, the shawls, and the designer items all get a chance on different days.


Have you run into muddles and puddles like this? Can’t overlook that you still look attractive with all the mud.


Through all these miseries, fall can still cheer you up sooner than imagined.

Fall expectation vs reality

Now, these were a few illustrations of the journey of any girl during the fall. Thanks to the artwork of Elena Sorokina. How much have you been able to relate to these?