Find out the reason why your baby won’t stop crying.


It breaks a person’s heart when he/she sees his/her child cry. Sometimes, it happens that you’re not able to understand the reason behind your child’s cry.Even after all the efforts put in to comfort your child, he/she won’t stop crying. If you’re also facing this problem with your child, make sure to check his/her feet. Read ahead to find out why.

1.When babies cry, they’re conveying something.

As a new parent, you might be clueless as to why your baby keeps on crying. It may be heartbreaking so, you need to find out the exact problem behind every cry and fix it.

2.Initial effort.

Your first step should be to comfort your child in every way. Calm your baby and make them feel comfortable.

3. Scott and Jessica were facing the same problem.

Jessica became a mother for the first time, but she noticed something very unusual about her baby. Her baby cried the whole day, and no amount of comfort stopped her from crying. Jessica and her husband Scott had put in all efforts to make their baby stop crying. However, they failed, and the situation got worse each time.

4. She decided to comfort her baby by taking off her socks.

When she took off her baby’s socks, she noticed something unusual.

5. Her baby’s feet were all swelled up and discolored.

The swelling was due to loose sock thread that wrapped around baby’s toe. As a result of this, the blood circulation was cut off and caused pain to the baby.

6.This is called as Hair tourniquet.

As per Wikipedia, ‘Hair tourniquet is a medical condition wherein a hair or other thread becomes tied around a toe or finger tightly, so as to put the digit at risk of damage.’

The pain caused because of hair tourniquet was unbearable for the baby as a result of which she won’t stop crying.

7. Make sure to check your baby’s feet.

So, if next time you face a similar problem, make sure to check your baby’s feet.