Find out what your native American symbol is, and what it means.


Animal symbols hold a very special significance for the Native Americans. They are believed to represent the physical form of a spirit helper and guide. We have brought you the interpretation of some of these symbols.Check it out.

1. The Otter


Key Personality Traits: Resilient, persevering, diligent and driven

Strengths: Ambition matched with talent

Hates: Disloyalty and disrespect

Lucky Color: Violet

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 19

2.The wolf

Key Personality Traits: Loner, loyal and fiercely independent

Strengths: A relentless hunger for excellence

Hates: Cheaters and arrogance

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Number: 3

3.The Falcon

Key Personality Traits: Focused, devoted and sharp, determined

Strengths: Strong will and hardworking nature

Hates: Laziness and procrastination

Lucky Color: Black

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Number: 21

4.The beaver.