Five Gorgeous 5-Minute Hairstyles to Save You some Snooze Time


5 minute gorgeous hairstyles-People who are not morning person usually face this problem as they do not know what to do with their hair as most of the hairstyles consume their precious time and then we are always in hurry. Here are some hairstyles which would probably take 5 minutes or less than that and you will also get that nonchalant and elegant look daily.

5 minute gorgeous hairstyles

Quick Curls

5 minute gorgeous hairstyles

5 minute gorgeous hairstyles

Want easy and quick curls this information will surely help you out. Curling your hair may take time like forever but if you want quick curls then follow these steps. First of all, make a high ponytail and divide it into few strands at least 1 inch thick and curl them up using the curling iron.

The Glam Roll

This hairstyle is definitely the easiest of them all and it will take even less than 5 minutes, first of all, do the side partition of your hair and reach for the section with more volume and take a little bit thick strand of it. After doing this you will need a teasing comb. With the help of teasing comb wrap that strand around it and then secure it with using few bobby pins.

Half Crown Braid

In starting do the partition of your hair as you want to it could be middle or side parting. Now reach one of the sides and start doing a regular braid and continue it until you reach the end of it and then it is time to do the same with the other two gorgeous 5 Minute Hairstyles. Take both of the side braids and bring it back of your head and pin it up one below the other.

Short Hair Chignon

For this hairstyle, you don’t need much time than 2-3 minutes and to secure this hairstyle you will only need a few bobby pins. For this hairstyle, it would be better if you divide your hair into two equal parts from the back of your head and twist one side and secure it at the back of your head and then do the same with the other.

The Messy Bun

This hairstyle is pretty easy as for this hairstyle you do not need much time and also many tools to make. for this messy bun you don’t need anything except an elastic band to secure it .use your hands to gather up all your hair into a high ponytail position and put elastic on it but then make the messy bun and wrap it up using the elastic.