Five Reasons to Avoid Flip-Flops


Flip-Flops are the trends of the 21st century. They are comfortable and everyone loves wearing them. They can be worn at the beach or casual outings in summer. But every coin has two sides. These flip-flops are unhealthy and harming our feet by releasing chemicals. Often wearing flip-flops can cause serious foot problems some of which are discussed below :

1. Rubber sandals may leak chemicals

Children are fond of flip flops because of there vibrant colors, but these are not healthy for children. According to a survey conducted,  it has been concluded that the rubber made footwear leaks several harmful chemicals that and may lead to cancer. It is advisable to avoid flip-flops for the small children prevent them from serious health issues.

2. May lead to foot pain

Flip-Flops are most comfortable footwear. It is ideal for any occasion and can be worn at any place from a beach to hilly areas. But wearing flip-flops can harm your foot and cause pain. There is a thick band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot from the heel to the ball of your foot, wearing flip-flops can affect the group of tissues and there will be lack of support. Due to this, you can experience terrible pain.

3. More you wear flip-flop, more injuries you get

When you wear flip-flops, your feet are exposed and thus you are more prone to injuries. While wearing flip-flops is comfy, think twice while doing so as it can cause injuries and there are high chances of getting a bacterial infection.

4. Not safe for driving

One of the most dangerous places to wear flip-flops is while driving a car. While wearing flip-flops may seem relaxing while driving but in reality, there are more chances that your footwear may get stuck in brake pedals and the disturb you. Thus it advised to avoid wearing flip-flops while driving.

5.Flip flops are hell on heels

Flip-flop doesn’t cover most of the area of the feet hence a major portion of your feet is exposed to the environment which can lead excess dirt and dryness in the feet. moisturize your feet before wearing any type of footwear to avoid this situation.