Follow the steps to make your eyebrows perfect without threading


Get perfect eyebrows-Threading is a painful procedure to shape our eyebrows in a beautiful manner. Most of the ladies escape from threading due to the pain. Besides it, threading takes time and gives cut on the face. These cuts leave their signs for a long time and if the ladies get done their threading before a day of the party, surely they will be worried. Now, all the ladies will be happy to hear that they can shape their eyebrows without threading. Here, we are presenting some steps to shape your eyebrows without threading-

Tips to get perfect eyebrows

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Get perfect eyebrows

You can get perfect eyebrows without threading. For this, you will have to follow these steps as shown in the picture.

  • If your eyebrows are not in shape as they seem scattered here and there, it looks very bad. The whole beauty of the face is much affected by this. Give shape to them without any painful therapy.

  • pick a pencil and outline the perfect shape around the eyebrows on both sides.

  • The shapes given by you must be in coordination with the face and eyes otherwise it will negatively affect your beauty.

  • Choose a hair removal and apply as the line is drawn.

  • Both side eyebrows should be given the same shape. Apply hair removal upper and down, on both aspects of eyebrows.

  • After applying the hair removal, wait for five minutes and rub smoothly with the cloth to clean the removal.

  • After removing the unwanted hair, you will see the perfect shape of the eyebrows.

You have to take care that this procedure must be performed in a very careful manner. This is all at your own risk. It is better to do this with the help of an expert.