10 tricks of makeup for instant beauty in shape


Makeup tricks-Every girl wants to be praised for her beauty and charm. Mostly it is seen that the girls are very conscious of their beauty and does not matter which age group they belong to. Beauty is the thing which every girl or woman wants to maintain in any age. For this, they use many makeup tricks but in the lack of time, it is hard to give proper time to makeup or beauty. If you also are suffering from this fever, these 10 tricks can help you out to maintain your beauty and charm-

Eye makeup tricks

Threading may not be perfect every time and you may lose your thickness due to imperfect threading. No matter, you can make them perfect with the pencil. It will not only thick your eyebrows but also give a better shape.

  • Do not compromise with the comb

If you are suffering from the hair fall, change your comb. This is in the sense as if you are using such comb which is very tight on your hair, exchange with the loose one.

  • Dry eyeliner

Always use dry eyeliner on the down-side of eyes and fluid liner on the upper-side.

  • Make lining with the lipstick

Lip liner seems good only if it is applied perfectly. If you are not so good in applying the lip liner, make a cupid’s bow with the lipstick and then fill the inner part with the same lipstick.

  • Use tape for a good shape

If you are using tape, you are going to make less error. The tape gives a surety that the liner will not move in the out shape.

  • Eyeliner, mascara, and curl at the same time

If you want these three things at the same time, you can do this by seeing this picture.

  • Hide the unshaped eyeliner

If your eyeliner has a less good shape and it is out of line, hide these errors by using concealer and translucent powder. Just apply these things as the primer and give shape to your beauty.

  • Toner must be similar to the skin

Before buying foundations and primer, test them by applying a small part of that primer on your neck or arm. If it matches, then only buy otherwise ignore that.

  • Pencil as a hairpin

Wrap your hair and make a bun then use a pencil as a hairpin. It is really cool and pretty.

  • Perfect corners after eyeliner

You can use some pieces of stuff as shown in the picture for the perfect shape of corners after applying eyeliner.

So, these are some makeup tricks to be cool and charming. Just try and fun.