Litecoin is cheaper and less expensive to transfer than Bitcoin. Virtual currency One of the altcoins developed and released around the dawn of 2011, and is characterized by having an auxiliary role of bitcoin. Here, I would like to introduce what kind of virtual currency Litecoin is, even for beginners.

What is Litecoin?

Although Litecoin has characteristics similar to Bitcoin, let’s first look at what kind of virtual currency Litecoin is.

Litecoin is one of the virtual currencies that was first developed in 2009 and published in 2011. It is included in the category of “Altcoin” that represents virtual currency other than Bitcoin. Virtual currency A currency that was born in the early days.

Litecoin can be used as a payment currency, just like Bitcoin. If the store or online shop supports the Litecoin payment system, you can use it to pay for products in the same way as the Japanese Yen.

Litecoin development purpose

Litecoin was developed to solve the problems of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is also called the core currency of virtual currencies, but there are issues such as the remittance speed and the number of issues. With Litecoin, we developed it as a payment currency like Bitcoin, while improving the remittance speed and increasing the maximum number of issues. Visit for more detail.

Can you get started easily?

Litecoin is attractive because even beginners of virtual currency can start it relatively easily. I will explain why.

Litecoin, which can be started on domestic virtual currency exchanges, is one of the few major currencies (major coins) among virtual currencies. Major currencies are virtual currencies that make up a large market with a market capitalization within the top 10.

The virtual currency exchanges in Japan handle only a dozen or more of the proven and reliable currencies among the currencies that exist in more than a thousand. And Litecoin is one of them. By the way, domestic virtual currency exchanges open an account after verifying their identity and have been approved by the Financial Services Agency.

How to use Litecoin

Litecoin can be used as a mining and settlement method as well as gaining sale profit like an investment. If you want to gain profit from selling, you can aim for profit by buying and selling Litecoin on the virtual currency exchange.

If you want to start mining, download mining software, and keep your computer running at all times. Mining is not suitable for beginners, so it is recommended to start by learning the mining setting method and machine knowledge in advance.

When using it as a payment method, you can purchase Litecoin at the exchange and then pay at any store or online shop that supports Litecoin payment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Litecoin has a shorter remittance time than Bitcoin. It is a virtual currency that is also useful as a means of payment and remittance. Bitcoin is becoming a popular payment currency, but it takes about 10 minutes to transfer money. Litecoin is a more practical payment currency because it takes about 2.5 minutes.

Major currencies with high volume in the market capitalization Litecoin is a virtual currency with a high volume in the market capitalization and constantly recording a fixed volume. Therefore, the risk of price fluctuation tends to be lower than that of a minor virtual currency. Of course, there is no principal guarantee, so there is an investment risk. However, it is a virtual currency that has the advantage that it is easy to analyze the chart when you make a purchase or trade for the first time.

Possibility of demand being deprived of other altcoins Litecoin has the aspect expected as a settlement currency to replace Bitcoin. However, the remittance speed has already been overtaken by Ripple, etc., and Ethereum, etc. are superior in system development. It is important to start trading while paying attention to how much demand can be increased as a payment currency in the future.

Litecoin was developed on the assumption that it will be used as a payment currency like Bitcoin. In addition, there are many cases where you can pay for light coins at domestic stores and online shops, so it is easy to use.