Pictures clearly depicting that people don’t always like their job


Funny photos that tell people don’t like their job. This post is going to be as funny as you can ever imagine. Majority of us don’t like the job that we do, but we still continue to do it because.. money! Half-heartedly we continue to give whatever we can to our jobs.

But amongst us, there are some people who want to tell everyone that they don’t like their jobs and they want to tell it loud and clear. The result of this, as you shall soon find out, is totally hilarious. Get ready to laugh your asses off!

Funny photos that tell people don’t like their job

Funny photos that tell people don't like their job

Umm.. what are these called?

Funny photos that tell people don't like their job

Can’t see a reason why the person in question didn’t recognize these. Probably because he didn’t care to?

This leaning lady’s got some moves tbh.

When I said hilarious, this is exactly what I was talking about.

Didn’t expect this from Mc Donalds though

Don’t they have enough smiling faces already?

Captian or captain? Ugggh so confusing

I wish spelling and grammar check worked here too because nobody cares if it’s captian or captain.

What even?????

Can you see what went wrong here?

Is this what you call a sale??

If yes, I’d rather not prefer one.

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At least the person in question completed his/her job!

You should have move your car yourself.

This is why Geography is so important!

Is this not Asia?? Then what is it?

Can’t they be twins?

Maybe, the yearbook editor intended some pun here?

Why did you mess with the dimensions?

The worker would have thought it to be 25X15 instead of 15X25

Rap game strong?

It’s all the news channel’s fault!

What does this book contain? The stories from slaughter houses?

This cannot be a children’s book in my opinion.

What a wastage of resources!

Did you know that our scarce resources can be put to good use too?

That’s a whole lot of task!

How can you expect me to get up while I poop?

Mistake? or just trying to stand out?

The worker here took “You need to stand out to make a difference” way too seriously.

It’s all about the positioning

Well, the model would be like “Oh! no!”

A pro tip to save some space

Can you imagine how uncomfortable that would be??

That’s enough laughter for today folks! See you next time.